Dean’s Letter

Dean’s Letter

Professor Abdulrahman Abdullah AlJumah

Dean of the College

The Faculty of Medicine at Dar Uloom University stands out for its uncompromising focus on high-quality medical education and training using state of the art methods and technology. It aspires to global competitiveness while remaining locally relevant. It looks at the medical education process as an investment in human capital that will propel healthcare services to the highest levels of excellence.

The main actor is the student who is guided to fish for knowledge and not wait to be fed knowledge. The university preparatory program (UPP) equips with the student with skills and life-long positive attitudes to learning. The Faculty guide and support the student all the time without being paternalistic and taking away the student’s initiative, creativity, and enterprise. The learning environment emphasizes practical problem-solving with students spending time both inside and outside the classroom. The faculty operates under the paradigm that life is the best teacher and therefore organizes many linkages community institutions where students get real-life experiences.

The faculty enjoys unlimited and unconditional support from the university leadership. It has access to all the human and material resources needed to succeed in its educational mission.

Welcome to our school of medicine


Prof. Abdulrahman Abdullah AlJumah