Assessment & Evaluation Center (AEC)

Assessment & Evaluation Center (AEC)

A Centralized Assessment and Evaluation Centre was established in 2016 to organize and manage theoretical, practical and clinical exams in the college of Medicine (COM). The purpose of this center is to monitor the quality of the student’s assessment, performance and achievement of the educational process objectives.

All assessments in DAU are based on the following fundamental principles: authenticity, manageability, consistency and complete fairness. All staff members are expected to sincerely adhere to these principles while developing, implementing and evaluating any assessment tasks and processes.

Assessment and Evaluation Center Rresponsibilities:

All exams in the COM program are centrally controlled by our Assessment and Evaluation Centre (AEC).  AEC is reported to Vice Dean for Academic Affairs and consists of faculty members and other staff to serve the education system by monitoring and providing high quality assessments of student’s performance. In addition, the AEC provides guidance and assistance to faculty in developing and overseeing a program of evaluation and feedback and to prepare assessment plans and reports. It consists of four main units: Assessment unit, Exam unit, Result unit, and Question bank unit, which are responsible for items collection, exam creation, exam revision (revision committee), exam submission (submission committee), marks collection and result analysis, and archiving, respectively.


AEC supervises four units including Assessment Unit, Exam Unit, Results Unit and Question Bank Unit. All units work together in harmony to ensure the high quality of designed exams, and accurate results along with preserving flawless question bank. 


Assessment and Evaluation Center AEC organizational chart