Clinical Department

Clinical Department

The Department of Clinical Sciences includes a group of distinguished medical doctors to train medical students and bridge years of basic science to clinical practice through training, professional field education and research partnerships that will contribute to improving medical practices at the local and international levels.



– Field training for medical students.
– Conduct clinical and field research aimed to improve health.
– Bridging between knowledge and clinical sciences.

– Continuous medical education for student and faculties.



Providing evidence based clinical learning.

Support and improve clinical basic research.

Promote skill knowledge in Information Technology.

Link students with quality systems and accreditations.

Integrate the students in community services.

Continuing medical education for faculties and students



Code Course title Credit hours
COMM 311 Community Medicine 4(4+0)
FORM 321 Forensic Medicine &Toxicology 2(2+0)
MED 341 Internal Medicine 10(5+5)
SURG 351 General Surgery 8(4+4)
RAD 366 Medical Radiology & Body Imaging 2(2+0)
MEDI 045 Basic Anesthesia 4(3+1)
SURG 452 Orthopedics 6(4+2)
COMM 421 Primary Health Care 6(4+2)
ORL 432 Otorhinolaryngology 4(3+1)
DEM 394 Dermatology 2(2+0)
PME 462 Psychiatry 4(2+2)
GYN 482 Obstetrics & Gynecology 8(6+2)
OPT 432 Ophthalmology 4(3+1)
PED 474 Pediatrics 10(7+3)
MED 442 Medicine Practice 10(7+3)
SURG 453 General surgery and Anesthesia Practice 10(7+3)


Facility and equipment

– Skill lab Equipped with latest simulator

– University Clinic


Faculty members

–  Dr. Zuhair bin Ahmed Al-Asiri Head of Department

–  Prof. Fahd bin Abdullah Al Zamil                  –  Dr. Sabri El Mallah

–  Dr. Sami Al Nassar                                       –  Dr. Khaled Al Attar

–  Dr. Tahani Tahimi                                         –  Dr. Majd Kanaan

–  Dr. Mansour Al-Zahrani                                –  Dr. Dr. Ayat Jiha

–  Mrs. Sandra Hababeh



Dr. Rowad Al Nouri – Consultant Rheumatology  and Director of Medical Education Prince Mohammed bin Abdul Aziz Hospital

Dr. Faisal Al Otaibi – Consultant and Coordinator of Pediatrics Al Yamamah Children Hospital

Dr. Hisham Al-Tuwairqi – Consultant and Coordinator of Internal Medicine Hospital Prince Mohammed bin Abdul Aziz

Dr. Mohammed Al – Shuli Consultant Orthopedic and Coordinator of Surgery Hospital Prince Mohammed bin Abdul Aziz

Dr. Abdul Rahim Al-Mutairi – Consultant and coordinator of Radiology Prince Mohammed bin Abdul Aziz Hospital