Basic Medical Science Department

Basic Medical Science Department

The Department of Basic Medical Sciences is one of the three faculties constituting the present College of medicine. It was created since the inception of the college. The department is a hub of the basic medical sciences in the medical program and other programs in dentistry and Health Sciences colleges Which provides the basic training and foundation for the MBBS and BDS degree programs. The teaching of the department is integrated along structural and functional lines in order to provide medical students a solid background and understanding of various basic medical sciences to serve as lifelong foundation for clinical practic

In accordance with the Program learning objectives, the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences trains and impart a sound understanding of the subjects which gives them a greater in-depth knowledge of those subjects. This will provide a foundation so as to use to use their knowledge to greater effect in attaining the highest level in their professional work.

Units and committees under Department of Basic Medical Sciences:

  1. Laboratory Monitoring Unit: The unit is responsible for supervising laboratories in terms of processing, distribution, operation, follow-up of orders and periodic maintenance.
    The unit supervises the following laboratories in male and female sections:
    Biochemistry Laboratory.
    2. Physiology Laboratory.
    3. Microbiology Laboratory
    4. Laboratory of Pathology and Tissue
    5. Anatomy Laboratory.
  2. Dissection room Unit: The unit supervises dissection room in terms of processing, distribution, operation, follow-up of requests and periodic maintenance.
  3. Unit of Basic and Integrative Disciplines: This unit coordinates the functioning of the different blocks committees and regulates the academic activities inside the College of Medicine and in the College of Dentistry.
  4. Basic Medical Sciences Research committee: The committee reviews the Research proposal submitted to the BMS Dept scientifically on the given parameters as decided by the BMS Core Committee. In addition, the committee proposes the correction and reevaluate the corrected proposal and gives its recommendations to the BMS Core committee within 2 weeks of Submission of Proposal.
  5. Dental Courses coordination committee: This unit coordinates conduction of all dental courses conducted by COM BMS Dept and coordinate with all Dental course coordinators & College of Dentistry authorities to organize the teaching and Exam. Moreover, the committee provides Exam schedule to COM Exam Unit.
  6. Basic Courses exam revision committee: This unit is responsible for revising the basic medical sciences exams prior to their approval.

List of Courses delivered by Department of Basic Medical Sciences:

  • Foundation Block FOUND111. 10 CHR
  • Musculoskeletal Block MUSC115. 6 CHR.
  • Respiratory Block RES 112. 4 CHR.
  • Cardiovascular Block CAR 113. 7 CHR
  • Renal Block REN 114. 4 CHR
  • Neuropsychiatry Block NEUR222. 12 CHR.
  • Gastrointestinal and Nutrition Block GNT 223. 4 CHR.
  • Reproductive Block Repr224. 6 CHR.
  • Endocrine Block ENDO225. 6 CHR