Quality Assurance Unit (QAU)

Quality Assurance Unit (QAU)

Quality Assurance Unit (QAU) is upholding the highest quality standards and ensuring compliance with the university’s policies and procedures. As well as fulfilling the requirements for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of the NCAAA. QAU ultimate role is to work closely with the faculty in building a sustainable quality culture that embraces continuous improvement and positive change. Establishing a quality culture that supports stakeholder-based approach to meet the College of Medicine’s strategic goals.


QAU aims to Lead the college to ensure academic quality and excellence. In addition, QAU Promotes a quality culture and effective monitoring of quality assurance processes of teaching and learning, scientific research, and community services.



  • Promotes the quality culture among the students, faculty, and employees at COM.
  • Monitors the quality of teaching and learning experience and assessment processes.
  • Monitors and ensure compliance to the policies and local and international standards.
  • Monitors and support the COM program for accreditation and ensure adherence to the standards.


Organization and tasks

  • Monitor the quality of teaching and learning, academic research, and community services.
  • Ensure academic quality and improve the quality criteria in line with the national standards.
  • Disseminate quality culture among faculty members, administrative staff and students.
  • Prepare and archive the program-related documentation including program, course files, annual program report and annual audit reports and their improvement plans implementation.
  • Monitor and archive academic accreditation files.
  • Review benchmarking and analyze Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).