Student Council

Student Council

The Student Council is formed under the supervision of the Department of Medical Education and the Student Affairs Unit in the Faculty of Medicine at Dar Al Uloom University.

The Student Council consists of thirty-eight members who are chosen by direct election, according to the following rules:

  • The student should be a regular in the College of Medicine
  • The student should be a of good conduct and behavior.
  • The student should have received a warning because of his low academic average.
  • The student’s remaining academic period should be one academic year as a minimum.
  • The student should not have been subjected to a disciplinary measure or dismissal.


Student council elections are conducted under the supervision and approval of the Medical Education Department and the Student Affairs Unit in accordance with the rules and procedures contained in the regulations.The door for nominations for the student council membership elections opens in the third week of the beginning of the academic year, and the announcement is made. For the opening of the candidacy door at least ten work days before the date set for the elections, provided that the period for opening the door is not less than election for five consecutive work days.


Student council president assumes the following tasks:

  • Representing the student council before the deanship of the college and university.
  • Presiding over student council meetings.
  • Adjudication of administrative and urgent matters.
  • Signing the correspondence and documents issued by the Student Council.

Vice-Chairman of the Board undertakes the following tasks:

  • Carry out the duties delegated to him by the Chairman of the Board.
  • On behalf of the Chairman of the Board in his absence.
  • Follow up on student council members and see their achievements.
Organizational Chart of Student Council, College of Medicine, Dar Al-Uloom Univeristy