Assessment & Evaluation Center

Assessment & Evaluation Center

  • Assessment Center

The Evaluation and Examination Center is under the supervision of the Deanship of Academic Affairs and consists of faculty members and other members. It aims to organize and manage theoretical, practical and clinical exams in the Faculty of Medicine. It also aims to serve the education system by monitoring the quality of the student’s assessment, performance and achievement of the objectives of the educational process. It also assists the teaching staff and provides guidance on the development of an effective system of exams. The center consists of four main units: the Evaluation Unit, the Examination Unit, the Results Unit and the Quality Unit. The units are responsible for assembling the elements, writing and reviewing the exams, delivering the exams, collecting the grades, checking them and archiving them according to the general rules for examination.


  • Curriculum Committee
  • Internship Affairs Unit
  • Alumni Affairs Unit

The Alumni Unit at the College of Medicine Dar Al-Uloom University provides different activities in which graduates can keep a vibrant link with the. Alumni are invited to participate in various college activities such as seminars, conferences, discussion panels, and social gatherings, which are all designed present genuine opportunities for alumni to provide students and faculty with their experience and knowledge faculty to connect with alumni in positions that can provide training openings as well as potential employment chances.
5. Construct an electronic database of alumni at the alumni unit page at the college website.
6. Benefit from the alumni knowledge and experience via organizing academic and social events creating communicative environments among students, faculty, and alumni.
7. Keep productive communication with alumni especially those at leader positions in order to provide opportunities for training, employment, and research.
8. Enhance performance levels via measuring satisfaction level among alumni.
9. Prepare annual and semiannual alumni unit activities reports.


  • Student Affairs Unit

This unit is following Vice Dean
1. Receiving, sorting and completing the required data, and reviewing and verifying the required data and ensuring compliance with the conditions and forwarding them to the Committee.
2. Develop a registration plan with the beginning of each semester and announce it to students.
3. Handle registration problems faced by students at the beginning of each semester and coordinate schedule to achieve the student’s benfit within the limits of the regulations.
4. Include the study schedules on the student information system “SIS”, and the learning management system”LMS”.
5. Registration of the academic schedule for students, and ensure thier academic achievement according to the study plan and prepare reports on it.
6. Follow-up academic status of students.
7. Informing students of warnings, deprivations and other decisions, and follow up with the concerned committees.
8. Manage attendance and absence of students and follow-up procedures related thereto.
9. Help alumni mto finish their graduation.
10. Assisting students who are expected to graduate in registering their remaining materials and submitting their applications which the Unit can not achieve by the Deanship of Admission and Registration at the University and follow-up.
11. Work on the follow-up of the reservation of classrooms and amend them if necessary.
12. Receiving the requests of students and students regarding the equivalence of the materials and reviewing them and making sure that they meet all the requirements of the system, and submit them to the committee and follow up these requests within the college. Upon approval, applications are submitted to the Deanship of Admissions and Registration for approval.
13. Receipt of applications forwarded by the Deanship of the College regarding the desire of students and students to give them alternative examinations and follow-up with different sections
14. Provide appropriate management proposals for the development of internal regulations.
15. Receive new students in college and provide advice and guidance to enable them to pass the first steps in college.
16. Helping students to issue college identification cards.
17. Follow-up cases of absence and medical excuses
18. Check lists of safety and coordination with the Deanship on students who are deprived of sitting for exams.
19. Communicate with departments to identify and confirm the lists of course coordinators


  • Faculty member affairs unit

The Unit is responsible for achieving and completing all affairs of the faculty members, following up on them and preparing the relevant reports

1. Determine the needs of the faculty members and those who are similar to them, and make recruitment plan.
2. Adaption of new faculty members.
3. Setting the standards of outstanding performance award.
4. Preparing the annual meeting of faculty members with the Deanship of the College.
5. Preparing the job description for the faculty members and those who are similar to them.
6. Review the performance of members of the faculty and those who are similar to them.
7. Preparing the reports of the teaching burdens in accordance with what being submitted by sections, and their revision.
8. Preparation of reports for participation in conferences according to what being submitted by sections.
9. Preparation of reports for the publication of scientific research according to what being submitted by the departments and the Research Committee.
10. Review the activities of the faculty development unit, review its reports and raise recommendations.
11. Prepare the lists of faculty members and those who are similar to them.
12. Preparation of the system for academic titles rewarding and annual report processing for those who have been given academic titles in accordance to what being submitted by sections.
13. preparing the annual vacations report according to the sections requests.
14. Issuing identification letters for Faculty members.
15. Preparing annual collaborators report in accordance with what being submitted by sections.

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