Clinical Skills and Simulation Center

Clinical Skills and Simulation Center


The clinical skills and Simulation training is an essential link between medical student training and clinical experience and has proven to be an effective tool for assessing technical skills, critical thinking and team behavior.

Vision: The Clinical Skill Laboratories will be a local center of excellence and innovation for health care simulation, education, patient safety and research.

Mission: To provide quality hands-on learning experiences in a safe and realistic environment that are based on medical knowledge, patient safety, evidenced –based practice and professionalism.

To prepare quality professional doctors with: Enhanced clinical readiness ,  critical thinking abilities ,  clinical competence,  communication skills,  collaboration experience and who can  provide patient-centred Care  Work in Interdisciplinary Teams.

 Goal: The goal of the Clinical Skill Laboratories is to create an artificial replication of the real world situation in which students can gain knowledge and psychomotor skills and be able to critically think through complex scenarios in a safe and non-threatening environment. This approach to experiential learning is a ‘learner centric’ educational method, which integrates the cognitive, psychomotor, and affective domains in a safe environment thus ensuring accuracy and competency of skills before the student enters the clinical environment.


  • Undergraduate teaching through manakins:
  • This goes synchronous with the existing block systems for year 2, 3, 4, medical students. More than 100 students visit the lab per day in batches and practice different clinical skills relevant to their ongoing block topics. It helps them in handling basic clinical cases and surgical and medical techniques in a skilled way, so that they are ready to deal with hospital scenarios more confidently and efficiently.
  • Teaching through Simulated patients.
  • Establishment of a high quality state of the art simulation lab:-
  • This will be equipped with many high fidelity manakins including Sim Man, Birth simulators, Simulators for surgical tasks like laparoscopy etc. This will be a great help to the postgraduates and practicing doctors to enhance their clinical skills.
  • Impart different life support courses to the students, faculty and community at large to get acquainted with the common emergencies and tackle them independently.
  • To make efficient use of equipment like the powerlab for various physiological and pharmacological experiments and research purposes.

Facilities available at Clinical Skills and Simulation Center

The Clinical Skill and Simulation Center (CSSC DAU) in Dar Al Uloom University, consists of 25 rooms which more than 100 medical students use each day. The laboratories are equipped with multiple task trainer manikins which include AED training manikins, Harvey cardiopulmonary simulator, Kyoto, choking simulators, Catheterization simulators, Intubation and lumbar puncture task trainers, ear and eye task trainer, CPR trainers, IV, IM injection trainers and many more. We also have Noelle, which is a high-fidelity birth simulator manikin and serves multiple training procedures in gynae and obstetrics. These simulators reproduce body physiological models and are programmed with a wide array of clinical scenarios allowing the application of simulated clinical experiences that can enforce and sometimes replace certain aspects of hospital training in an effort to overcome the issue of limited clinical placement. Scenarios can range anywhere from common medical conditions to more complex ones.

Furthermore, the laboratories are equipped with smart screens, control rooms for conducting OSCEs, digitalized video, plasma screens and bedside computer charting, where students can practice various medical skills and procedures. Faculty and instructors plan, set up and teach to mirror real-life hospital care situations. They thoroughly utilize equipment so that students can practice important procedures on lifelike body parts and life-sized mannequins and learn techniques such as administering oxygen, blood, oral and intravenous medication to patients, wound care, tracheotomy care airway management and much more.  The College of Medicine is continuously upgrading the equipment and space in its Clinical Skill Laboratories.


 Main achievements of CSSC DAU

Since November 2018, more than thousand candidates have been trained for different life support courses till date. Emphasis on community participation, like giving BLS training to different school staff and students, gym attendees, security personals and more has become a part of routine activity of the center.

 On 25th October 2021, the life support unit of Dar Al Uloom University got recognized as American Heart Association accredited center for conducting life support courses independently.

The CSSC DAU also conducted a clinical skills summer course from June 2017 till June 20, 2019. The course included basic and advanced medical, surgical and Gynae skill practices. The participants were medical and paramedical students from different medical schools across the kingdom. The program was accredited 24 CME hours by SCHS. On the last day, the students were felicitated with certificates by the Vice Rector for Health specialties.