Adjunct faculties

Adjunct faculties

College of Medicine, Dar Al-Uloom University collaborated with significant number of dedicated qualified clinicians from different disciplines to participate in the learning process including teaching activities and assessment. All collaborators are consultant holding fellowships and /or Ph.D from recognized universities. The list of adjunct faculties includes but not limited to the following:

External Examiners in General Surgery SURG 351(year 4)

Dr. Ameen Mohammmad Alshehri

Dr. Ali Hassan Aljuzair

Dr. Wesam Majid Almajid

Dr. Azzah Mohammed Alkhalidi

Dr. Tareq Saleh Alsabahi

Dr. Shereen Ghazi Yankasari

Dr. Alwaleed Mohamed Khalil

Dr. Deem Akeel Alakeel

Dr. Adel Nasser Assiri

Dr. Muath Abdullah Alwabel

Dr. Zohair Alokelan

External Examiners in Obstetrics & Gynecology GYN 482 (year 5)

Dr. Ola Abdalmajed Tayeb

Dr. Nora Rashed Aldaham

Dr. Hana Ibrahim Almadan

Dr. Afaf Ahmad Altewajeri

Dr. Yasser S Sabr

Dr. Alexandra Alkhater

Dr. Hessah Aljaber

Dr. Safa Alamir

Dr. Aydah Abdulrahman Besmr

Dr. Amer Jalal Ahmeed

Dr. Hassan Wokashi Darami Dr Ismael Ishaq Alawad

External Examiners in Medicine Practice MED 442 (year 6)

Dr. Mohammed Mojammami

Dr. Waleed Al Kuraidi

Dr. Mohamed Bedaiwi

Dr. Younes Hezab Alrees

Dr. Rwad Mohamed Nouri 

Dr. Abdulaziz Alenizy

Dr. Rafat Bukhari

Dr. Sultan Alomari