Advisory Board

Advisory Board

COM, DAU program abides with DAU’s advisory council procedure. The advisory committee had been formed at the program during the academic year 2017-18. The Council consists of external and internal members. Nominations of the Advisory Council members is made by the Dean, in consultation with COM senior faculty and Department chairman, to the Dean who, in turn, approves and issues a decree for the formation of the Advisory Council. Advisory Council members serve three-year terms, renewable once. On its first meeting, the advisory council members elect the council’s Chairperson. The Advisory Council meetings are held a minimum annually. Should be deemed necessary, more Council meetings are scheduled. At least one meeting per annum is held at the COM premises.

The objectives of advisory board include the following:

  1. Deepening the partnership between the college and local community.
  2. Express opinions, suggestions and strategic directions during the preparation and implementing the college’s strategic plan.
  3. Provide the college with advice on developing curricula and programs according to the requirements of the work market.
  4. Contribute to determining graduates’ attributes and identify training fields for them to qualify them to obtain jobs in their field of specialization.

Advisory Board Membership
1. The dean of the college, in collaboration with the college council, nominates the members of the advisory board, provided that the number of members is not less than 12 member as follows:

  • Dean of the College.
  • Vice Deans of the College.
  • Seven prominent members of business in the private sector, government sector, industries, and education with link to college programs for membership in the advisory board.
  • A member of the faculty in the college.
  • A member of the faculty at the college.
  1. The formation is approved by the university president.
    3. The composition of the council includes the relevant categories of (students, graduates, the private sector, experts and representatives of the college).
    4. In the first session, the council chooses a chairperson for its members, and it also chooses a secretary for the council.
  2. The term of membership of the Council shall be two academic years, subject to renewal.

Duties of the advisory Board

  1. The President of the advisory Council presides over the meetings and call for the meetings of the Council and set a schedule for meetings. Besides, he\she informs the council of what has been taken regarding the council’s previous recommendations.
    2. Vice President: He/she assists the President in performing the tasks assigned to him, and also acts on his/her behalf in his absence.
    3. The Secretary of the Council: He/she writes the minutes of the Council’s meetings and is responsible for coordinating and making the necessary communications for the Council to perform its duties efficiently and effectively.
    4. Members: Members participate in presenting their opinions and suggestions, discussing the topics presented to them, and providing advice in take the appropriate decisions, and he has the right to raise what he/she sees as important issues for discussion in the Council, and he/she carries out the tasks assigned to him/her

The Advisory Board composed of the representatives of the Ministry of Health, Community institutions, Private healthcare sector, Public University, and other healthcare organization. The following are the members of the current advisory board:

  1. Mansour Nasser Al-Hawasi (Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Second Health Cluster – Riyadh

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Health Cluster in the Qassim Region).

  1. Ibrahim Abdulrahman Al-Mulhim (Director  of Al-Maarefa University(previously)
  1. Abdullah Suleiman Al-Harbash (D CEO for Physicians Affairs – Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Group for Medical Services).
  1. Ali Saeed Al-Zahrani (CEO of the Research Center – King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center in Riyadh).
  1. Khaled Ibrahim Al-Qumaizi (CEO – King Faisal Medical City  – Southern Regions of the Kingdom

Vice President – Seha Holding Company for the Business Sector for the Northern and Southern Regions

Dean of the College of Medicine – Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University (previously)

  1. Sami Abdul Rahman Al-Haider (Executive Director of Training – Saudi Commission for Health Specialtie) .

COM-DAU Members:

  1. Abdulrahman A. Aljumah M.D, MPH, ABIM, FRCPI.(Professor of Medicine and Consultant Hepatologist and Gastroenterologist . Dean, College of Medicine, Dar Al Uloom University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia).
  2. Prof Abdulmajeed Abdulrahman Aldrees(Vice Dean for Academic Affairs- College of Medicin-DAU)
  3. Bandar Aljafen, MD(Chairman of Medical Education Department – Dar Al Uloom University)
  4. Asmaa Sharif(Vice Dean for the Quality and female Affairs-College  of Medicine -DAU)