Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

Basic requirements:

Must have a General Certificate of Secondary Education or its equivalent from inside or outside the Kingdom

Must be of acceptable conduct

Must be medically fit

Must have a “no-objection” letter from his place of work (if a government employee)

To apply for admission, the student can fill the online admission form on DAU’s website and then submit the following documents before the admission deadline:




  • Original high school diploma
  • Certificate of good-conduct from your secondary school, or equivalent
  • Certificate of general-merit-test from the Ministry of Higher Education
  • Passing DAU admission test
  • ‘No-objection’ letter from place of work (for government employees only)
  • Copy of your identification card, passport, or Iqama
  • Four passport size photos
  • Non-refundable admission fee




  • The original bachelors’ diploma and two attested copies of the same
  • The original transcript and two attested copies of the same
  • Copy of identification card, passport, or Iqama
  • Three passport size photos
  • Certificate of good conduct from your university
  • Non-refundable admission fee


To be admitted into the MBA or MIS program, an applicant will need to meet the following minimum requirements:


  • Bachelor Degree with a minimum overall GPA of very good (B) earned from accredited university by Ministry of Education. However, deanship of graduate studies council can grant admission for an upper good (C+) candidate provided that his/her undergraduate major GPA is (B). In addition, the graduate studies council as per recommendation of the department council and the support of the college council can admit a candidate with overall GPA of (C) provided his/her undergraduate major GPA is not less than (B).
    Student must have obtained his degree as a full time student and not as a part time student or through distance learning.
  • Submission of official copy of Bachelor Degree Certificate and Coursework Transcripts.
  • Recommendation letters should be submitted from two of his/her former professors.
  • Providing employer’s consent for employed applicant joining a selected program of study.
  • Submission of satisfactory score in the General Aptitude Test for University Graduates administer by Qiyas or equivalent exams such as GMAT or GRE taken within the last two years.
  • For students applying to the English tracks of the graduate programs, submission of a score no less than (80) in Qiyas Standardized Test for English Proficiency (STEP) or equivalent score in alternative exams such as TOEFL or IELTS taken within the last two years.
  • Passing an interview conducted by graduate admission Committee, with preferences given to those with work experience.
  • If a student is not granted direct admission to the respective MBA or MMIS program and needs to take bridging courses first, then he/she must pass bridging courses with an average grade of (B).
  • Fulfillment of all requirements enumerated in the Unified Regulations for Graduate Studies in Saudi
  • Universities or stipulated by COB council and approved by University Council.
  • Payment of a non-refundable application fee.