Vision, Mission and Goals

Vision, Mission and Goals


Quality and excellence in providing the best Admission and Registration services to the students of the university, according to the latest methods and systems of modern technology.


Organizing Admission and Registration procedures for the students and utilizing the deanship’s potential to provide the services assigned to it to the fullest.


    • Providing the best academic services in a shorter period and with less effort.
    • Computerization of all acts of Admission and academic guidance, in a way that allows all beneficiaries to start their work immediately.
    • Developing the Academic Advising According to a scientific approach that is consistent with the technical progress.
    • Strengthen the sense of responsibility among the students.
    • Providing all information about the University, its colleges, majors, and terms of admission.
    • To shed light on the University’s role in society.
    • Implementing the system and raising awareness in all operations in order to serve the educational process.