1- Admission Fees

  • Admission fee: SAR 3000 non-refundable (Bachelor of Laws, Business Administration, Architecture and Digital Design).
  • Admission fee: SAR 5000 non-refundable(Master’s Program in Business and Law).
  • Admission fee: SAR 5000 non-refundable (Medical specialties).
  • The number of credits a student can register follows the bylaws and degree plans.
  • The tuition fee includes all academic services except the textbooks.

2- Payment methods:

  • Cashier’s check.
  • Direct deposit (mada , Bank account number: 71100003041906 ,IBAN No: SA7110000071100003041906).
  • ATM through POS on the DAU campus.

3- Refund of tuition fees:

  • In case of withdrawal before the end of the first week, 25% will be deducted of the paid tuition fees.
  • Before the end of the second week, 50% will be deducted of the paid tuition fees.
  • No refund of the paid tuition fees after the end of the second week.

4- Tuition fees for a scholarship student from the Ministry of Education:

The student has the right to bear tuition fees during the year for the education program, bearing fees that bear tuition fees during the year, provided that the balance shown in his account statement does not exceed the amount of the scholarship, payment for that on the first of March every year after the completion of registration in the second semester, and this is done during the application To the Financial Department from March 01 to March 15.