About Department

About Department

Program title and code: Bachelor of Law.

Total credit hours needed for completion of the program: 136 hours.

Professional occupations:

  • Judiciary, the courts (normal – eliminating the Board of Grievances – judicial competence committees).
  • Legal departments of the government parties.
  • Investigation and Prosecution Authority.
  • Control and Investigation Board.
  • Subsidiaries of banks and businesses in the private sector legal departments.
  • Legal advice.
  • Work at the law.
  • teaching in universities

Program Mission:

Providing high-quality education in the field of legal studies and areas relevant document and provide the community Scientifically qualified graduates And skilled to contribute to the development of society and address humanitarian and development needs in Saudi society for strengthening sessions.

Major Strategies:

Increased incentives.

Contribute to community service through the dissemination of legal awareness, setting up training courses, scientific meetings in the field of law.

Communicate with the community to achieve the principle of moderation.

Questionnaires to identify the needs of the design community. .