law- 1101 ( مبادئ القانون )Credit hours: 3

يتناول مقرر المدخل لدراسة العلوم القانونية دراسة الأساسين اللذين يقوم عليها التنظيم القانوني وهما نظرية القانون (الجزء الأول) ونظرية الحق (الجزء الثاني ) يهتم الجزء الأول بتحليل القاعدة القانونية ’ ويهتم الجزء الثاني ببيان الحقوق التي يتولى القانون تنظيمها .

pre-requisite لايوجد

وصف مقرارت
law1103 ( علم الإجرام والعقاب )Credit hours: 2

Dimension of the criminal phenomenon, scientific theories which are said for explaining the criminal conduct, the theory explaining the criminal conduct in Islam, the factors of the criminal phenomenon, the study of the penal sanction with its two forms: punishment and protective measures, the penal systems and institutions, specifying the scientific means of executing the penal sanction, methods of improving the means of executing the penal sanction and proposing the suitable solutions.

pre-requisite لايوجد

law1112 ( تاريخ القانون )Credit hours: 3

Identifying history of the social and legal systems and Comparing them with those of Islam such as the government regime, the judicial system, the marriage regime, hereditaments and testament regime, property and funds regime, contract and agreement regime and crime and punishment regime

pre-requisite لايوجد

law1113 ( المدخل للفقه الإسلامي )Credit hours: 3

Identifying Shar’ia and Islamic Jurisprudence in addition to its sources in comparison with the positive laws as well as identifying the different doctrinal schools throughout the Islamic ages, the great figures of the Islamic doctrines and accredited books, the doctrinal rules, their sources and types in addition to brief definition of some contemporary forms of financial transactions in Islamic jurisprudence.

pre-requisite لايوجد

law1114 ( مصادر الالتزام )Credit hours: 3

Identifying what the obligation is and the reasons for its creation, the types of contracts, how they are concluded and performed, the interpretation and drafting of contracts, the causes of nullity and termination of contracts.

pre-requisite law1101

law1115 ( أصول البحث القانوني )Credit hours: 2

Identifying the rules of the legal research, and knowing how to prepare the layout of the legal dissertation

pre-requisite law1101

law1117 ( أحكام الأسرة )Credit hours: 3

Identifying marriage and showing its aims and provision, the provisions on the engagement, the elements of the contract, its conditions, its impediments, the provisions on tutorship in marriage, the conditions coupled with the contract and their effect on it, the conjugal rights for each party, custody and its provisions, divorce and recession, separation by Kholch, ila, Lu’an and Zihar.

pre-requisite لايوجد

law1135 ( القانون الدولي العام1 )Credit hours: 3

First, the definition of public international law Second, sources of public international law: 1 - International treaties 2 - International custom 3 - Other sources Third, the application of international legal base: 1 - Explain the legal basis of international 2 - The relationship between public international law and domestic law 3 - The international responsibility Fourth: the general theory of international organizations Fifth: The general framework of diplomatic and consular law

pre-requisite law1101

law1136 ( القانون الدستوري )Credit hours: 3

Showing the general principles of the constitutional law, the concept of the state, the general theory of constitutions, monitoring the constitutionality of laws, the statutes in the Kingdom, the statute of government, the constitutional institutions in the Kingdom, Regime of the Shura Council, the regime of the Council of ministers and the regime of the bai'a authority.

pre-requisite law1101

law1138 ( القانون الإداري )Credit hours: 3

Identifying the administrative law, the characteristics of the administrative law, the relation between the administrative law and the other laws and public administration, the sources of the administrative law, standard of the administrative law, the administrative regulation, centralization and decentralization, the administrative regulation in the Kingdom, the central authorities, the regime of municipalities and villages in the Kingdom. The regime of zones, the privileges of the public authorities: the discretionary power, the direct execution, the administrative policing, the public agent.

pre-requisite law1101

law1212 ( أحكام الإلتزام )Credit hours: 3

types of legal obligations, specific performance of the legal obligations, methods of performance against the specifications of the obligation, the transfer of the legal obligations and the method of their termination.

pre-requisite law1114

law1214 ( قانون المرافعات )Credit hours: 3

The general principles of judicial system, judges and associates, jurisdiction, the theory of the action, the procedure of litigation, judicial decisions and the methods of challenging them and their execution.

pre-requisite law1101

law1215 ( العقود المدنية )Credit hours: 3

Identifying the provisions on the sale contract, the lease and the contract of agency.

pre-requisite law1212

law1226 ( القانون التجاري )Credit hours: 3

Definition of Commercial law, its history, development, scope of application, its sources, Specification of the legal system of the commercial acts, the capacity of merchant as well as the obligations connected with the commercial profession The definition of business firm and its legal aspect. The elements of business firm Sale and mortgage of business firm Mangement and investment of business firm Protection of business firm

pre-requisite law1101

law1227 ( أحكام المواريث والوصايا والوقف )Credit hours: 3

The elements of inheritance, its conditions and impediments, conditions of the testament, its provisions, the provisions on the endowment, its types and conditions.

pre-requisite law1101

law1233 ( العقود والقرارات الإدارية )Credit hours: 3

The general theory of the administrative activity: administrative decisions, the elements of the administrative decision, types of administrative decisions, enforceability of the administrative decision, the end of the administrative decisions, identification of the administrative contracts, standard of the administrative contract, the elements of the administrative contract, types of administrative contracts, the provisions of public competition, limited competition, direct insurance, the effects of the administrative contract : Powers of administration, the contractor’s rights.

pre-requisite law1138

law1238 ( القضاء الإداري )Credit hours: 3

Principle of legality, types of monitoring the acts of management, balancing the principle of legality, discretionary power, the theory of necessity, the acts of sovereignty, the basis of duality, judge of complaints in Islam, identifying the administrative dispute, standard of administrative dispute, competence of Administration of Complaints, types of administrative action heard by the competent Administration, Action for revocation: formal conditions, substantive conditions. Administrative liability, execution of decisions rendered against the administration.

pre-requisite law1233

law1239 ( القانون الدولي العام2 )Credit hours: 3

International disputes: the definition and types of international disputes, political means to settle international disputes, judicial methods to settle international disputes, coercive methods of settling international disputes.International law of the seas: the definition of international law to the sea, inland waters and territorial sea, the surrounding area and the continental shelf and exclusive economic zone, the area of international and high seas.

pre-requisite law1135

law1245 ( القانون الجزائي العام )Credit hours: 3

Faculty member determines the subject of legal studies and taught in English. The legal English course uses task-based learning including group exercises, supervised discussion, role play and presentations to develop the student's ability in the key skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing and to widen their understanding of essential legal English, language structures, vocabulary, common expressions and grammar.

pre-requisite law1101

law1311 ( قانون العمل )Credit hours: 3

The working system in itself, the employment contract, settlement of labor disputes.

pre-requisite law1101

law1312 ( أحكام الملكية )Credit hours: 3

Definition of the principal real right, the characteristics of the principal real rights, right to ownership,. Its conditions and restrictions, types of common property, ownership of apartments, division of the common property, appropriation, preemptive right, possession and the rights arising from the property right.

pre-requisite law1114

law1316 ( قانون التنفيذ )Credit hours: 3

Identifying the competent authorities of execution, proceedings of execution and its disputes.

pre-requisite law1214

law1317 ( أحكام الإثبات )Credit hours: 2

Identifying the principles on which the law of evidence is based in Shar’ia and law, methods of evidence, and procedure of evidence,

pre-requisite law1214

law1318 ( أصول الفقه )Credit hours: 3

Identifying the fundamentals of Doctrine and its origin, the sources of agreed provisions in Quran, Sunna, Consensus measurement, ancillary sources, acceptance, custom, Fatwa of Prophet's companions, ending pretexts.

pre-requisite law1113

law1319 ( قوانين التامينات والضمان الاجتماعي )Credit hours: 2

Identifying what social insurance is, the parties to the insurance relation, branches of social insurance, the insurance rights. Definition cooperative health insurance law and social insurance law.

pre-requisite مشص1311

law1320 ( قانون التحكيم )Credit hours: 2

The course deals with the definition of arbitration, its types and advantages, and the difference between it and similar systems in the settlement of disputes, as well as the arbitration agreement: its structure and effects, the formation of the arbitral tribunal, the procedure of the arbitration case and the nullity of arbitral sentence.

pre-requisite law1214

law1323 ( العقود التجارية وعمليات البنوك )Credit hours: 3

Distinction between the commercial contracts and noncommercial contracts and showing the result thereof, showing the legal system which governs the commercial obligations in these contracts, showing the legal relation which governs the banking operations connected with the different types of accounts and documentary credit as well as the other banking products which are governed by their special contracts

pre-requisite law1226

law1325 ( القانون البحري )Credit hours: 3

This course aims at enabling the student to know the rules of law governing the ship, the persons of the sea navigation including the captain of the ship and the legal system governing the sea navigation and auxiliary navigation as well as the maritime commercial contracts and the marine accidents in addition to the mutual losses and the maritime insurance in the light of the regimes of Saudi Arabia in addition to the international maritime treaties and the compared legal systems.

pre-requisite law1114

law1326 ( قانون الشركات )Credit hours: 3

Definition of contract of the company, its elements and characteristics – Judicial personality of the company and its results – Causes of the termination of the company and the provisions of its liquidation – study of the provisions of the partnerships (general partnership, limited partnership, particular partnership) – study of the provisions of corporations (joint stock company – limited company by shares – limited liability company).

pre-requisite law1226

law1327 ( الأوراق التجارية والإفلاس )Credit hours: 3

المفاهيم الأساسية والأصول لقواعد الأوراق التجارية، أحكام تداول الأوراق التجارية في النشاط التجاري، الأحكام الخاصة بتوقف المنشآت والتجار عن الوفاء وتطبيقات أحكام الإفلاس والمشروعات المتعثرة.

pre-requisite law1226

law1344 ( القانون الجزائي الخاص )Credit hours: 3

Identifying the special criminal law, the form of one of Hodoud, the form of one of the Kasas and Dia, bribery crime, its elements, punishment and its relevant crimes, counterfeit and forgery crimes and their relevant crimes, crimes of falsifying stamps and marks, crimes of forging documents, their elements and types, crimes of embezzlement of public funds, crimes of drugs, computer crimes and cheque crimes, the aggravated or mitigating circumstances and the exoneration of punishment of each crime, the policy of criminalization and Tazir, the policy of Tazir punishment

pre-requisite law1245

law1411 ( أحكام الضمان العيني والشخصي )Credit hours: 3

Indentifying and distinguishing between the general guarantee and the personal and real guarantee, types of surety ship, concept of pledge and mortgage.

pre-requisite law1212

law1412 ( القانون الدولي الخاص )Credit hours: 3

Identifying the private international law, the bases of acquiring the nationality and losing it as well as recovering it under the Saudi laws, status of the foreign natural and judicial persons, the general theory of the conflict of laws, the international judicial jurisdiction, the international execution of the decisions, the foreign orders in Saudi Arabia.

pre-requisite law1101

law1413 ( أحكام الملكية الفكرية )Credit hours: 3

The definition of copyright, the legal protection of copyright, how to register patents, the legal protection and exploitation of patents, the concept of industrial designs and methods to protect them.

pre-requisite law1101

law1414 ( التنظيم القانوني للمهن الحرة )Credit hours: 3

Identifying the rules of law regulating the legal profession and the associates of judiciary, the rules of law regulating the medical professions, the provisions of the civil liability and the criminal responsibility of the professionals.

pre-requisite law1101

law1415 ( القواعد الفقهية في الفقه الإسلامي )Credit hours: 3

This curriculum explains: • The definition of the rules of jurisprudence of shariah Law. • and it is distinguished from the other sciences, the explication of the main five rules and the minor rules.

pre-requisite law1113

law1418 ( قانون التأمين )Credit hours: 3

يتضمن المقرر التعريف بعقد التأمين، والتفرقة بينه وبين العقود الأخرى، دراسة خصائص العقد، أركان عقد التأمين، أطرافه، وآثاره، عناصره الأساسية، نهاية عقد التأمين، عقد إعادة التأمين، شركات التأمين، وسائل فض منازعات التأمين.

pre-requisite law1101

law1419 ( القانون المقارن )Credit hours: 3

A- Knowing the importance of studying the comparative law and its relation to the legal sciences. B- Having access to the comparative legal systems adopted by the states to facilitate the understanding of their topics and applications. C- Knowing the principles and bases on which the comparative legal studies are based. D- Having access to the different legislative solutions of the different legal problems and showing how to benefit from them. E- Strengthening the comparative legal culture of the Saudi student.

pre-requisite law1101

law1421 ( القانون الجوى )Credit hours: 3

Making the student know the rules of law governing the plane, the Cabin crew including the captain of the aircraft and the air navigators, the legal system governing airports, rights of air easements and air navigation. - Making the student know the provisions of the contracts of inland and international commercial carriage by air as well as the international air organizations. - Making the student know the rules and bases of the liability of the air carrier in the light of the laws of Saudi Arabia, the international treaties and the comparative legal systems

pre-requisite law1101

law1422 ( قانون التجارة الدولية )Credit hours: 3

Introduction to International Commercial Law Introduction to international contract The dispute-settlement clauses such as choice-of-law clauses, jurisdiction agreements and arbitration agreements. The legislative basis is the United Nations Convention for the International Sales of Goods The Principles of European Contract Law (PECL). International commercial arbitration the New York Convention on Recognition and Enforcement of Arbitral Awards

pre-requisite law1226

law1426 ( قوانين السوق المالية )Credit hours: 3

Identifying the rules and provisions regulating the financial market, the nature and sources of the rules of the financial market, Securities and financial tools governed by the provisions of the financial markets, their types and legal nature, types and regulation of legal issuing and offering as well as the insertion of the security and the financial tool, the services and acts provided to the persons connected with the activity of the financial market (mediation, management and keeping of securities… etc), the legal regulation of the authority supervising the financial market, its jurisdictions and powers as well as their monitoring role, the infractions of the negotiation of securities and the financial tools and inserting them in the financial market, the jurisdiction to hear the disputes arising out of the transactions of the financial market and their regulation.

pre-requisite law1101

law1433 ( قانون البيئة )Credit hours: 3

Specifying the concept of environment, the environment in the light of Shar’ia, the development of the environment care, the forms of harming the environment – the rules of protecting environment in the domestic and international rules, means of protecting environment, Sanctions resulting from harming environment.

pre-requisite law1101

law1435 ( نظام الزكاة والضرائب )Credit hours: 3

The definition of zakat, taxes and basic rules of zakat and tax on income, value added tax, selective goods tax and customs tax in Saudi legislations.

pre-requisite law1101

law1437 ( قوانين الطاقة )Credit hours: 3

Showing the rules governing the ownership by the state of the natural wealth, the relation between sovereignty and the natural wealth, the right of the state over its natural wealth in Shar’ia, the most important contracts connected with the natural wealth, Oil Concessions Contracts, metallurgy contract, licensing and its types, licensing for prospecting, licensing for discovering, the disputes of the concession contracts, the competent authority and the applicable law, the modern trends as to specifying the applicable law.

pre-requisite law1101

law1114 ( قوانين الإجراءات الجزائية )Credit hours: 3

Identifying the law of criminal procedure, its topic and its relation to the other laws, criminal procedure at the stage of inquiry and primary investigation, the competent authorities of these procedures, the rules governing them, theory of the nullity of criminal procedure, fundamentals of penal trial Publicity, orality and presence, the study of the rules of the type jurisdiction, personal jurisdiction and local jurisdiction of the criminal courts, the rules of criminal evidence, penal sanction, its concept, types, the methods of challenging the sentences, the rules of executing sentences and following them up.

pre-requisite law1245

law1445 ( التدريب العملي )Credit hours: 6

Scheduled two tracks addresses training simultaneously throughout the semester: the first track and practical internships, where students trained on what has been particularly studied how to conduct investigations and writing memos, consulting and legal newspapers lawsuits and the drafting of contracts, judicial decisions and training on oral arguments through pictorial court prepared for this purpose, the second track external hands-on training, through visits to the courts and their various departments and public prosecutors, police stations and arbitration centers and offices of lawyers, insurance companies, etc., in order to train students on how the practice of labor law And the judiciary in various fields.

pre-requisite إنجاز107

law1309 ( مصطلحات وموضوعات قانونية مختارة )Credit hours: 3

Faculty member determines the subject of legal studies and taught in English. The legal English course uses task - based learning including_group_exercises, supervised discussion, role play and presentations to develop the student's ability in the key skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing and to widen their understanding of essential legal English language structures, vocabulary, common expressions and grammar.

pre-requisite انجاز 108