Student council

Student council

A consultative entity that combines college administration and students to achieve effective student participation in college decisions in accordance with the university’s bylaws and regulations.

Council Message:

Direct communication between the administration and students and their involvement in the decision-making process in a way that serves the educational process, quality and development.

Council goals:

  • Examine students’ needs and discuss points of view
  • Involving students in the decision-making process.
  • Coordinating matters related to student participation in activities and events.
  • Discussing students’ problems while involving the academic advisor in the discussion process.

The council in its current session consists of members:

Prof. Hesham Saleh AlMoallim: Dean and head of the council 

Dr. Doaa Ahmed Ragaae: CDT Academic Supervisor of Female Section and Council Secretary.

Student Rotana Marawan Mohammed Abou-Seedou

Student Tameem Maeen Yousef Hamad

Student Hanan Faiqe Noor Mohammad Khan

Student Faisal Musaad Abdallah Almobarak

Student Wala Mohammed Muhsin Alsafwani

Student Ahmed Mutheeb Mohammad Almutairi