Study Plan

Study Plan

Level 1

ENGL 1400English Language (1)6006
BIOL 1450Biology2103
CSKL1100Computer Skills2103
SKLS1101University Skills3003
HEDF1100The Health Education and Fitness1001

Level 2

ENGL 1500English Language (2)6006
CHEM 1450Chemistry2103
PHYS 1450Physics4004
STAT 1450Biostatistics3003

Level 3

DSBS 210Gross Anatomy and embryology2103
DSBS 211General Human Biochemistry2002
DSBS 212General Human Physiology2103
DSAS 213Ethics & Legal Issues in Dentistry2002
DSBS 214Infection and host defense1102
DSAS 215Introduction to Dental Sciences1001
ARAB1101Arabic Language Skills2002

Level 4

DSBS 220Applied Head and Neck Anatomy2103
DSDS 221Oral Biology2103
DSPR 221Dental Morphology and occlusion2204
DSPR 223Dental Biomaterials Science 11102
DSPC 224Behavior, Communication and Culture1001
DSPC 225Disease transmission & Infection control1001
DSBS 226Basic Human Pathology2002

Level 5

DSDS 310Anesthesia and Pain Control2103
DSPR 313Dental Biomaterials Science 21102
DSDS 314Oral Pathology 11001
DSDS 318Maxillofacial Radiology 11102
DSPR 311Preclinical Operative Dentistry 11203
DSBS 315Basic Pharmacology 11001
DSPC 316Cariology & Preventive Therapies2002
ISLM1100Introduction to Islamic Culture2002

Level 6

DSDS 320Basics of Oral Surgery2002
DSPR 321Preclinical Operative Dentistry 21203
DSDS 322Introduction to Patient Management1012
DSDS 323Emergency Dental Care2002
DSDS 324Oral Pathology 22103
DSDS 328Maxillofacial Radiology 21012
DSBS 325Basic Pharmacology 21001
SKIL1120Critical Thinking and Problem solving2002

Level 7

DSDS 410Basic Clinical Oral Surgery1012
DSPR 411Clinical Operative Dentistry 11023
DSDS 418Radiologic Interpretation0101
DSPR 413Preclinical Endodontics 11102
DSPC 414Fundamentals of Periodontology2103
DSPR 415Preclinical Removable Prosthodontics 11102
DSPR 416Preclinical Fixed Prosthodontics 11102
DSAS 417Dental Informatics1001

Level 8

DSDS 420Advanced Clinical Oral Surgery1012
DSPR 421Clinical Operative Dentistry 21012
DSPR 423Preclinical Endodontics 21102
DSPC 424Clinical Periodontology 11012
DSPR 425Preclinical Removable Prosthodontics 21102
DSPR 426Preclinical Fixed Prosthodontics 21102
DSAS 426Implant Dentistry1102
DSBS 427General Medicine and Surgery1001
SKLS1102Leadership and Team Work2002

Level 9

DSDS 510Maxillofacial Surgery1012
DSPR 511Clinical Operative Dentistry 31012
DSPC 517Preclinical Pediatric Dentistry1102
DSPR 513Clinical Endodontics 11012
DSPC 514Clinical Periodontology 21012
DSPR 515Clinical Removable Prosthodontics 11113
DSPR 516Clinical Fixed Prosthodontics 11113

Level 10

DSPC 527Clinical Pediatric Dentistry 11012
DSPR 521Clinical Operative Dentistry 40011
DSPR 523Clinical Endodontics 20011
DSDS 522Oral Medicine 11012
DSPR 525Clinical Removable Prosthodontics 21113
DSPR 526Clinical Fixed Prosthodontics 21113
DSPC 526Research Methodology2002
DSPC 528Geriatric Dentistry2002
ARAB 1100Arabic Writing Skills2002

Level 11

DSDS 612Oral Medicine 21012
DSAS 611Clinical Comprehensive Dentistry 11045
DSPC 617Clinical Pediatric Dentistry 20011
DSPC 613Community Dentistry1102
DSPC 619Preclinical Orthodontics1102
DSAS 615Treatment Planning0202
DSDS 616Special Needs Dentistry2002

Level 12

DSPC 629Clinical Orthodontics1012
DSPC 627Clinical Pediatric Dentistry 30011
DSAS 622Clinical Comprehensive Dentistry 20055
DSPC 623The practice of Dentistry in the Community0011
DSPC 624Dental Practice Management2002
DSAS 625Evidence Based Dentistry1001
DSAS 626Contemporary Dental Sciences2002
DSPR 621Esthetic Dentistry2002
  • The College of Dentistry’s plan ranges from the university’s general preparation program to the Pre-clinical phase and then the Clinical phase, with a total of 195Credit hours, and teach the following specialties in Dentistry field:

(Removable Prosthodontics – Fixed Prosthodontics – Restorative – Endodontics –  Dental Materials – Morphology and Occlusion – Orthodontics – Pediatric Dentistry – Periodontology – Community Dentistry – Oral Biology – Oral Pathology – Microbiology – Maxillofacial Radiology – Oral Medicine – Maxillofacial Surgery)

In dental courses:

1 Credit Hour “ Theory “ equal to 1 Contact Hour

1 Credit Hour “ Practical “ equal to 3 Contact Hour

1 Credit Hour “ Clinical “ equal to 3 Contact Hour

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