Institutional Research, Statistics & Archiving Unit (IRAU)

Institutional Research, Statistics & Archiving Unit (IRAU)

Institutional Research, Statistics & Archiving Unit (IRAU) is central to establishing DAU’s institutional and operational direction for the future. It is the base upon which decisions are made, and change initiatives and programs are implemented, assessed and improved. This includes, among others, the responsibility to:

  • Encourage and develop mechanisms for institution wide commitment to quality involvement in the Institution Quality strive and its quality management process.
  • Provide oversight in the development of policies, processes, procedures, and people capacity and capability related to institution wide quality management.
  • Provide oversight in the management and monitoring for quality performance through measurement of quality accomplishments and achievements.
  • Provide oversight in the development of the quality systems, evaluation and assessment mechanisms that underscore quality development leading to continuous improvements.
  • Provide oversight governance and guidance to all levels of services and supports for quality management.
  • Support the development of the Institutional Quality Strategic Plan, Institutional research and the Institutional Self-Study plan including goals, objectives and time frame of the whole self-study process.
  • Review all evidences including, statistics, information and documents developed by subcommittees or taskforces of the Institutional Self-Study leading to the finalization of the context and content of the Institution SSR.
  • Collect and archive all of main DAU’s documents (decisions, policies, bylaws and regulations).
  • Collect and archive all data analysis reports and performance reports.
  • Ensure that the documents are approved, signed and dated by appropriate, competent and authorized persons.
  • Documents must be regularly reviewed and kept up-to-date.
  • Any correction made to a document or record must be signed or initialed and dated, the correction must permit the reading of the original information. Where appropriate, the reason for the correction must be recorded.
  • Classification of documents into groups by type.
  • Send documents to people and departments who request these documents (The individuals and departments who request these documents must have the authority to access these documents.)
  • Contact all of DAU’s departments to collect the new or updated documents to be documented.
  • Develop backup plan for all of DAU’s documents.

DAU recently established the Institutional Research Office (IRO) to carry out the following tasks:

  • Collecting data about the performance of an institution,
  • Collecting data about the environment of an institution,
  • Analyzing and interpreting the collected data, and
  • Transforming and interpreting data analyses into information that can be used to support the institutional planning, set institutional policies, and make academic and management decisions.

The DAU –IRO is a service office for the University community to support strategic planning activities and continuous quality improvement at the institution. It provides management information and analytical support to the University’s decision makers, enhancing strategic planning and policy-making processes. It serves as the chief information clearinghouse for the University and conduct research on student, faculty, and staff to promote on-going institutional self-assessment. The mission is accomplished through:

Planning and Analysis. – Provide conceptual and analytical support for university-wide planning activities by collecting, maintaining, and preserving institutional data; providing data analysis to inform executive decision-making and strategic planning initiatives;

Faculty and Staff Studies – Provide a variety of studies about faculty issues including teaching loads, course enrollments, and equity studies by ensuring validity and reliability of the data and research methodologies utilized; providing expertise in research methods and other higher education issues;

Student Studies –  Provide analytical support for enrollment management including enrollment patterns and trends, enrollment projections, and retention and graduation analyses by engaging in systematic, continuous, and integrated research activities related to student/applicant, graduates, finance, and human resources data.

Institutional Research Unit (IRAU) Member
1 Ms. Azza Omran Manger
2 Mr. Mohd Sameer Rather Coordinator