Sections & Departments

Sections & Departments

Types of Programs and Services:

The general and/or specific training programs hold a significant ground of the strategy of the Deanship of Continuing Education and Community Service. These training programs are directed at the community in order to develop the skills and raise the performance level through training the community members on the best skills in each field and by providing them with the modern technology that helps in the accomplishment of different duties.

Academic Diplomas Programs:

The Deanship of Continuing Education and Community Service provides and offers Diploma programs  to help qualify the Saudi youth in order to support the recruitment of the Saudi young people in the government and private sectors through the direct cooperation of all DAU colleges.

Short and Specialized Training Programs:

The training programs vary depending on the specialties, for example, but not exclusively:

1-Training programs in the field of business administration

2-Training programs in the field of law and legal profession.

3-Programs of self-development and technical skills.

4-Programs of foreign languages and preparation for international tests.

5-Designing and conducting training programs with the government and private sectors according to their needs in accordance with our training programs.

Conferences, Workshops and Lectures:

The Deanship of Continuing Education and Community Service, through all DAU colleges, offers scientific and orientation programs through:

  • Inviting the experts in the scientific and cultural fields from inside and outside kingdom of Saudi Arabia to give lectures and take part in workshops that discuss the latest developments that fit the Saudi society.
  • Inviting the distinguished international famous trainers to hold advanced training programs for the leaders to improve their leadership skills and help them be aware of the latest methods.

Future Leaders:

  • Preparation of training programs to enhance the skills of the future leaders and help them attain leading positions in the future. These programs are considered like the banks for the leaders who are attracted to hold leading positions at the government and/or private sectors.
  • Cooperation with the advanced centers and institutes abroad to execute joined training programs where there is an exchange of experiences and there are opportunities for the young people to experience the advanced managerial experiences of other countries and enrich the local environment.

Women Labor:

The government has provided more jobs for the qualified women through the decisions of the Ministers’ Council. The focus has been directed towards the training as a qualifying channel through which women can become more prepared to contribute in the development with efficiency and perfection. This requires finding training programs that meet the training needs of the labor market, and contribute in the implementation of the laws of the Ministers’ Council that aim at expanding the women’s labor and social engagement. The Deanship of Continuing Education and Community Service has regarded this in the plans and priorities of the training programs.