Program Structure

Program Structure

The course sets offered in the University Preparatory Program (UPP) include:

  • Physical Education
  • Arabic Language, Islamic Studies, and Self-development
  • Math, Computer, and Learning Skills
  • English Language

This page discusses the guiding principles behind the UPP in more detail.


Physical Education

DAU promotes health & wellness habits and attitudes among students. Students are encouraged to develop an understanding of the physiological, behavioural, cultural and environmental factors which favour health and wellness. Upon completion of the required courses in the discipline, students will be more aware of the various challenges to human health, and will understand their roles as active agents in their own health and that of their community.

Code Title Credits Contact Hours
PE101 Physical Education 1 1 2
PE102 Physical Education 2 1 2
Total 2 4

Arabic Language, Islamic Studies, and Self-development

In order to meet the demands of the modern world, DAU graduates need to possess various skills which they will use in their workplaces and communities. Courses in this discipline are designed to provide students with technological, oral, visual and written communication skills in the Arabic. Additionally, students at DAU, over their years of study, will be able to complete UPP requirements in leadership, professionalism and critical-thinking skills.

Code Title Credits Contact Hours
ARAB101 Arabic Language Skills 2 2
ARAB102 Arabic Language Writing 2 2
SKILL120 Critical Thinking & Problem-solving 2 2
SKILL121 Leadership and Team Work 2 2
ISLM101 Introduction to Islamic Doctrine (Fiqh) 3 3
Total 11 11


Math, Computer, and Learning Skills

These courses will prepare the student to be well-versed in the mathematical tools, basic computer applications, and study skills needed for his/her chosen discipline of study as well as for life.

Code Title Credits Contact Hours
CS100 Introduction to Computers 1 2
SKILL110 Learning Skills 1 2
MATH100 Elementary Mathematics 4 4
Total 6 8

English Language

Based on the results of the English-language placement test, students are placed in one of three categories: Elementary, Pre-intermediate -to- Intermediate, or Upper Intermediate -to- Advanced. Then students progress through these categories as shown below.

Elementary -> Pre-intermediate -to- Intermediate -> Upper Intermediate -to- Advanced

Elementary – though these courses do not matter in the cumulative GPA, the students must pass them

Code Title Credits Contact Hours
ENGL001 Integrated Skills Foundation 3 6
ENGL002 Oral Communication Foundation 3 6
ENGL003 Grammar Foundation 3 6
ENGL004 Vocabulary Foundation 3 6
Total 12 24

Pre-intermediate -to- Intermediate

Code Title Credits Contact Hours
ENGL111 Oral Communication I 3 6
ENGL112 Grammar 2 4
ENGL113 Reading & Writing I 3 6
Total 8 16

Upper Intermediate -to- Advanced

Code Title Credits Contact Hours
ENGL121 Oral Communication II 3 6
ENGL122 IELTS Exam Preparation 2 4
ENGL123 Reading & Writing II 3 6
Total 8 16