Professor Muhammad Mujahid Khan

أ. د. محمد مجاهد خان

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College of Medicine Oct 26, 2017
Dar al Uloom University

Subject: Professor of Anatomy

Respected Sir,
I am Dr. Muhammad Mujahid Khan, working as a Professor of Anatomy at College of Medicine, Dar al Uloom University, Riyadh, KSA. since September 12, 2017.
I am a Medical graduate and further did PhD in Anatomy and Cell Biology from Chiba University, Japan, one of the leading Universities of Far-Eastern regions. I have more than 20 publications in the national and international scientific journals with a handsome record of oral and poster presentations in America, Europe and Far-east. I also remained a thesis supervisor for Master’s of Anatomy course at King Saud University, Riyadh. A couple of my Master’s candidates are now enrolled as PhD students in the world famous institutions.
Having 14 years of teaching and administration experience in leading public sector Universities of Saudi Arabia, including King Saud University, one of the oldest in the region. Recently I have offered my services as a Professor of Anatomy at College of Medicine, Dar al Uloom University. I have all the potential to prove my skills and experience at a prestigious Dar al Uloom University.

Thankyou Very Much

Dr. Muhammad Mujahid Khan
Professor of Anatomy
College of Medicine
Dar al Uloom University, Riyadh
Tel: 011 4949324
Cell: 00966-509527163

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بكالوريوس في الطب1990SurgeryUniversity of Sindh
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Assistant ProfessorIsra University Pakistan06-05-200203-04-2003
Assistant ProfessorKing Saud University13-04-200320-05-2008
Associate ProfessorKing Saud University20-05-200824-09-2010
ProfessorJinnah Medicl University, Pakistan01-09-201020-12-2011
ProfessorImam University03-01-201222-08-2017
ProfessorDaraluloom University12-09-201704-11-2018
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