Registration Procedure​

Registration through the Web

Registration at Dar Al Uloom University is done through the Web on pre-announced dates. Those dates will be announced in the Academic Calendar.

Preparation for Registration

Course Offerings: Based upon the course offerings in previous semesters, lists of courses to be offered for the forthcoming semester are prepared and sent to all academic departments for revision. Any changes in the courses offered for the forthcoming semester should be reported back to the Office of the Registrar so that any necessary changes can be made to all related academic activities such as class scheduling, classroom allocation, adjustments to class timings etc.
Advisee/Advisor List through the Web: Before registration, the advisee/advisor list is announced through the Office of the Registrar.

Registration Procedure
For Students on GOOD STANDING Status: The minimum course load is 12 credit hours and the maximum course load is 20 credit hours. A student is permitted to register for more than 20 credit hours with the approval of his department, if he/she has maintained a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00 out of 4.00 in all work undertaken during the preceding terms.
For Students below GOOD STANDING Status: The minimum course load is 12 credit hours and the maximum course load is 13 credit hours. Students may register up to 15 credit hours by submitting an appeal with the approval of their advisor and the endorsement of the departmental chair and college dean.
Last Term before Graduation: The minimum course load for a student in his last term before graduation is 1 credit hour and the maximum is 20 credit hours during a regular semester, and 9 in the summer semester, provided the student’s cumulative GPA of all work undertaken during the preceding terms is not less than 2.00 out of 4.00.
Pre-requisites and Co-requisites

The student is expected to know and follow all academic rules and regulations. It is entirely his responsibility to make sure that both pre-requisite and co-requisite requirements have been met for the courses added during the registration period.

He/she should refer to DAU’s website for course details including Pre-requisites/Co-requisites information.

Students on Co-op and Summer Training

It is mandatory for students on Co-op and Summer Training to register early. This can be done through the web at (

Registration Activation

Once you register for courses, registration must be activated by the Finance Department within 24 hours. The Finance Department expects students to submit proof of payment through ATM, by Visa or by direct deposit in the bank account specified in the registration slip.

Bank name: SAMBA
Bank account number: 0014130181
IBAN No: SA98 4000 0000 0000 1413 0181

Registration as in DAU university , please follow the link