​​Registration Procedure​

​​Registration Procedure​

Registration through the Web

Registration at Dar Al Uloom University is done through the Web on pre-announced dates. Those dates will be announced in the Academic Calendar.

Preparation for Registration

Course Offerings: Based upon the course offerings in previous semesters, lists of courses to be offered for the forthcoming semester are prepared and sent to all academic departments for revision. Any changes in the courses offered for the forthcoming semester should be reported back to the Office of the Registrar so that any necessary changes can be made to all related academic activities such as class scheduling, classroom allocation, adjustments to class timings etc.
Advisee/Advisor List through the Web: Before registration, the advisee/advisor list is announced through the Office of the Registrar.

Registration Procedure
For Students on GOOD STANDING Status: The minimum course load is 12 credit hours and the maximum course load is 20 credit hours. A student is permitted to register for more than 20 credit hours with the approval of his department, if he/she has maintained a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00 out of 4.00 in all work undertaken during the preceding terms.
For Students below GOOD STANDING Status: The minimum course load is 12 credit hours and the maximum course load is 13 credit hours. Students may register up to 15 credit hours by submitting an appeal with the approval of their advisor and the endorsement of the departmental chair and college dean.
Last Term before Graduation: The minimum course load for a student in his last term before graduation is 1 credit hour and the maximum is 20 credit hours during a regular semester, and 9 in the summer semester, provided the student’s cumulative GPA of all work undertaken during the preceding terms is not less than 2.00 out of 4.00.
Pre-requisites and Co-requisites

The student is expected to know and follow all academic rules and regulations. It is entirely his responsibility to make sure that both pre-requisite and co-requisite requirements have been met for the courses added during the registration period.

He/she should refer to DAU’s website for course details including Pre-requisites/Co-requisites information.

Students on Co-op and Summer Training

It is mandatory for students on Co-op and Summer Training to register early. This can be done through the web at (http://mysis.dau.edu.sa).

Registration Activation

Once you register for courses, registration must be activated by the Finance Department within 24 hours. The Finance Department expects students to submit proof of payment through ATM, by Visa or by direct deposit in the bank account specified in the registration slip.

Bank name: SAMBA
Bank account number: 0014130181
IBAN No: SA98 4000 0000 0000 1413 0181

Late Registration

Students who do not submit proof of payment within 24 hours will have their registration cancelled, which means that those students will have to register again before the registration can be activated.

Class Rosters through the Web

Faculty can access their Class Rosters at any time through the web at (http://mysis.dau.edu.sa). Faculty members will be provided with SIS access information. Contact (http:// registrar@dau.edu.sa ) if you don’t have this information already.

Low Enrolment Courses

Chairmen of the departments concerned are to provide justification for offering low-registration courses to the Office of the Registrar through their respective deans immediately after the last day for adding courses.

Cancellation and Addition of a Course or Section by a Department

Cancelling a Course: Where any course has to be cancelled, the department concerned should formally notify the Office of the Registrar about the decision. The department should also advise all students involved in the course to officially drop that course from their program via the web.
Cancelling a Section: Where any section has to be cancelled, the department concerned should formally notify the Office of the Registrar about this decision. The department should also advise all students registered in the section to drop that section via the web. It is the student’s responsibility to drop that section and add another section or alternatively, to drop the course.
Adding a Course: Where any new course has to be added, the decision to add that course should be formally notified to the Registrar’s Office.
Adding a Section: If a decision to add a section is taken by any academic department, that department should formally notify the Office of the Registrar about its decision.
All academic departments are urged to exercise extreme caution when adding or cancelling a section or course due to the direct impact of these matters on the academic future of students.

Repeating Courses

A student who obtains a failing grade in a required course must repeat that course. Additionally, a student who wishes to improve his academic standing may repeat a course for which he has previously obtained a D or a D+ grade. The last grade will reflect the student’s performance in such cases.

Should a student repeat a required course in which he/she had previously earned a D or D+ grade, and fail, then that student must repeat the course again in a subsequent semester.

When a course is repeated, only the latest grade is included in the GPA calculation in that student’s transcript.

Change of Sections

Students can change the sections of a course during the registration week via the web on designated dates.

Changes in Class Timings

If any academic department intends to change the class timings for any of its courses, it should make a formal request to the Office of the Registrar. It should be noted that the Office of the Registrar may not be able to implement this request because of its effect on other class schedules, the availability of classrooms at the requested time and/or time conflicts in the schedules, possibly for a large number of students.

Department chairmen are therefore requested to forward only those requests that are fully warranted. Unless requests are supported by concrete justification, they will not be entertained. (Departmental arrangements are not allowed)

Combining or splitting Sections

Combining or splitting sections is strictly prohibited. Any such arrangement can be made only with the prior approval of the dean through the department concerned.

Course Withdrawal

Students may withdraw from a course with grade “W”as per the following schedule:

Semester Deadline
Spring/Fall 10th week
Summer 6th week

The exact dates of deadlines for withdrawal of courses will appear in the academic calendar for that particular term. If the remaining credit hours after withdrawal is less than the minimum allowable course load in that semester, then the approval of the college dean is a must.

Schedule of Final Exams

In developing the Schedule of Final Examinations, every effort is made to minimize the number of students who will have more than one exam on a single day. However, there is always a number of students with two exams on the same day, a few with three and some even with outright conflict. Solutions technically exist for most of the conflicts, but in all instances these solutions greatly increase the inconvenience to a disproportionate number of students. The Office of the Registrar is thus forced to request departments to administer special examinations for such students as may be indicated in the schedule of final examinations.

A Preliminary Schedule of Final Examinations is provided to the departments approximately 4-5 weeks prior to the final exams. Departments are asked to advise the Office of the Registrar of any essential changes to be incorporated in the Schedule of Final Examinations. Efforts are made to accommodate such requests as far as possible.

Faculty members are reminded that university policy requires them to strictly adhere to the schedule of final exams. No change is allowed without the consent of the dean and the written permission of the Office of the Registrar.