Knowledge and Understanding

K1 Identify various design styles and trends within historical context.

K2 Outline the terminology associated with Interior Design and its allied fields

K3 Specify all components related to the design (materials, lighting, color, furniture, standards and anthropometrics.

K4  Explain theories of human and social behavioral norms that are culture specific in design


S1 Design projects that satisfy aesthetic as well as functional requirements using cutting-edge technology and latest trends.

S2 Apply critical thinking skills to solve problems in the interior environment

S3 Apply innovative design strategies that adheres to sustainable practices and international codes (health and safety codes, accessibility, and welfare

S4 Integrate research data with complete design proposals (correct technical drawings, specifications, presentations etc)

S5 Deliver a presentation to clients both orally and graphically 

S6 Produce illustrative sketching, technical drawing, digital modeling and unique presentation styles that accurately portray interior design solutions.


V1 Initiate work independently and be responsible in own learning process

V2 Collaborate with team members in accordance with professional ethics & efficient management skills

V3 Commit to social responsibility by contributing with sustainable designs that support human wellbeing.