IDE Graduate Attributes

Engage creative thinking and innovation to produce interior designs that meet functional and aesthetic requirements.

Demonstrate the ability to translate human experience and behavior in designing interior spaces that are sensitive to user requirements based on social and cultural factors

Examine the historic development and theories of interior design to be able to incorporate in design.

Apply the knowledge of color, light and indoor environmental air quality, as well as cutting-edge technology in furnishings and materials that affect human well-being.

Demonstrate verbal, visual, and written communication skills required for the        interior design profession.

Demonstrate the ability to work individually and in teamwork in accordance with professional ethics.

Use critical thinking, research methodology, and design methods to produce a well-developed body of design work.

Demonstrating advanced capabilities with technologies, documentation, and presentation of a professional design.

Demonstrate proficiency and business skills necessary to engage in professional practice in interior design including the ability to organize and manage design projects by productive collaboration with other disciplines in a team.