Knowledge and Understanding 
K1 1.1 Outline technical and aesthetical solutions for architectural projects, through the understanding of comprehensive integration of different technical competencies, from concept development to executive drawings. 
K2 1.2 Describe ancient and contemporary historical elements, features, and characters in buildings, as well as in the landscape and urban patterns. 
K3 1.3 Document the materials’ behaviors and constructive possibility from ancient and contemporary building systems, structures and constructions, and their impact on sustainability and environmental control strategies. 
S1 2.1 Analyze design strategies along with fundamental principles and techniques of problem-solving, in innovative architectural design criteria. 
S22.2 Apply research methods and data into complete design proposals (intact technical drawings, specifications, presentations … etc.) 
S32.3 Integrating various aspects of humans and their environments from architectural and urban designing points of view, to produce a sustainable healthy society 
S42.4 Appraise spatial, geometrical, mathematical, and physical problems, related to architecture and urbanism, performed using technical devices, digital applications, hand sketching, and physical models. 
S52.5 Explain sophisticated procedures and processes of designing and planning of ongoing or existing projects. 
V13.1 Commit to professional ethics and common practices, in designing, presenting, and managing projects. 
V23.2 Adhere to national/international codes for healthy and safe environments, ease of accessibility, and community welfare. 
V33.3 Interact effectively in team works, and leading projects in a proper manner, bearing all imposed responsibilities.