ARC Graduate Attributes

Apply Creative Thinking in Solving Design Related Problems Based on Architectural Principles

  • Examine the historic development and theories of architecture to be able to incorporate in design different types of projects.
  • Ability of applying optimum building technologies as tools for innovation permitting the exploration of architectural solutions of complexity.
  • Conduct multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary interactions as required by their work. 
  • Apply visual and verbal communication skills at various stages of architectural design and project delivery processes.
  • Conceptualize and coordinate designs addressing social, cultural, environmental and technological aspects of architecture with respect to economic factor as well.
  • Understand the dialectical relationship between people and natural and built environment in their region. 
  • Respect diversity of needs, values, behavioral norms, social patterns of the community as main factors affecting the built environment.
  • Apply the comprehensive understanding of sustainability as main driver for better quality of life in both architectural and urban designs.
  • Demonstrating advanced capabilities with technologies, documentation, and presentation of a professional design.
  • Integrate computer technology and digital media in architectural design processes and products
  • Practice critical thinking, research methodology, and design methods to produce a well-developed body of design work.
  • Employ research methods including data collection, analysis to understand, evaluate and improve the built environment.
  • Work collaboratively with various design teams involved in the building industry.
  • Communicating effectively to meet increasing professional demands and ethical responsibility.
  • Demonstrate proficiency and business skills necessary to engage in professional practice in architectural design including the ability to organize and manage design projects by productive collaboration with other disciplines in a team and practice leadership responsibilities.