Chairman message

Dr. Hossam  Elsamaty

Associate Professor

It is an honour to be the chair of Interior Design Department at Dar Al Uloom University. What a critical responsibility to lead that department, which is characterized by its active and professional staff, its academic curriculum which is characterized by comprehensiveness, effectiveness and speciality, and its graduates who are distinguished by creativity, confidence and keeping pace with the labour market.

The most characteristic of this program is its flexibility in the face of contemporary changes and factors affecting, therefore, efforts are still continuing to develop its educational curriculum and study plan to comply with the latest local, regional and international requirements, as well as in attracting teaching competencies who are qualified in the field of teaching and education, as well as in developing and operating smart tools and techniques in facilitating the administrative process, evaluation and continuous follow-up in the department, as well as in the constant pursuit for community service and meeting the needs of the local environment, as well as in the search for partnerships and agreements with peers and employers to raise the performance of the program and prepare the field for graduates and students of the program during study and after graduation.

It is a real opportunity to be a member of this family to gain further challenges or new achievements.