Goals and values

Goals and values

Strategic Goal 1: Organizational Development –Transform DAU to become more streamlined, agile and dynamic that enhances governance and management.

Strategic GOAL 2: Student Success – Recruitment, nurturing, retention and graduation of competent students who are intellectually active, morally adept, socially caring and globally aware in an Innovation-driven knowledge economy and global society through enriched student experiences.

Strategic Goal 3: Educational Excellence – Demonstrate academic excellence in teaching and learning and assuring quality education that creates and sustains a culture of scholarship, and creativity thus enhancing DAU’s national and international stature.


Strategic Goal 4: Advancing Scientific Researches and Creative Works –Develop sources of discovery, creativity and innovation that underpin DAU’s education programs and its intellectual, social, and economic capital contribution to the society.

Strategic Goal 5: Culture of Community and Dynamic Supportive Environment –Develop, facilitate and nurture a supportive quality environment and support services that are sensitive to the needs of students and all other DAU constituents.

Strategic Goal 6: Resources and Operational Efficiency and Effectiveness –Ensure efficiencies and effectiveness of supports, services and resources development and management to support all aspects of the institution.

Strategic Goal 7: Expanding Engagement and Outreach –Engage and enhance national and international partnerships with academic, industry, community and other partners and values for societal and sustainable development.

Strategic Goal 8: Financial sustenance –Ensure that DAU operates efficiently and effectively within available, feasible and risk managed financial resources.