Program Vision, Mission and Goals


Become pioneers in providing innovative marketing education services and practices that will allow students to compete at a local and regional scale.



Provide quality Marketing education, academic research, and community service, by creating a positive workplace and learning environment that attract qualified faculties and students; and to build strong relationship with the business sector to equip graduates with the knowledge and entrepreneurial skills needed for the realization of KSA 2030 vision.


1: Create a Positive Workplace organizational climate at the level of MKT program promoting sense of responsibility, integrity and transparency.
2: Build-up students intellectually, morally, and socially for today’s dynamic society to be active participants and leaders in the business community.
3: Adopt an appropriate teaching and learning resources that ensure quality of MKT education.
4: Encourage MKT faculty members and their student’s involvement in research production.
5: Enhance the quality of the program to become in line with the national accreditation.
6: Build strong relationship with all MKT program stakeholders (employers, alumni, Community, and others) to enhance the marketing students experience.