About Marketing program

            MKT is a 137 credit-hour degree program designed to prepare students for career opportunities in marketing, selling, retailing, advertising, e-marketing, marketing research and branding. The study of marketing provides student with both general business knowledge and specialized marketing skills that help students to understand the role of marketing in private enterprises, marketing research methods and planning marketing strategies. The study of marketing provides students with both the theoretical background and the analytical tools required to make effective and value creating business decision in the competitive global business environment. Our program is designed to teach students how to perform marketing effectively and thus be successful in marketing careers. Program’s curriculum has been recently updated and was granted Ministry of Education approval (May 2018). The curriculum offers courses that are benchmarked against renowned marketing programs offered at the national and international universities to ensure it is in line with latest developments in the field of marketing. The MKT program is structured to provide students with sound knowledge of basic, advanced and specialized elective courses in marketing along with general management, finance and banking, accounting and human Resource management. The teaching-learning structure is designed to focus on training and refining the professional knowledge and skill sets required for career advancement. The intensive co-operative program provides an opportunity for students to put in exercise the knowledge gained, practice their core-skill set and explore chances for employment and growth.