Departments and units

Departments and units

The main library in DAU is located in the central building on the second floor at B218 ,first floor at A143 and C143.

The main library can accommodate up to 500 visitors at any given time, has 80 computers with Internet access, and enjoys full coverage with wireless network to accommodate users with mobile devices and laptops.  In the near future the library will be furnished with single reading rooms for greater privacy.


The LRC is continually developing its collections of traditional learning resources such as magnetic devices, paintings, whiteboards, 3D models, demonstration autopsy pictures, geographical and historical maps, cloth paintings and pocket tools for displaying periodicals and news papers.

Furthermore the LRC provides equipment to support learning and teaching, such as projector slides, cassettes and videos, CD-ROMs, DVDs, audio units, radio, television, plasma screens, movies and interactive video.

Smart Classrooms

The LRC equips classrooms with both traditional whiteboards and smart boards, computers and projectors, in order to deliver lectures in a practical and interactive way and to enhance the learning process.

Computer Laboratories

The LRC maintains eight computer labs containing projectors, high-end computers, smart boards and printers.

Translation and Research Center

The planned center will be built by LRC to meet international standards, in cooperation with local and international research and translation centers.