Knowledge and Understanding

K1 Record the basic principles of graphic design, visual language, terminology, of basic types and styles, and methods of applying them to implement designs 

K2 Characterize the role of technological tools in creating visual messages, reproducing them, and the techniques involved in drawing, offset printing, photography and producing interactive media such as video films and digital multimedia 

K3 Explain history of graphic design, history of ancient and contemporary arts, historical classification of art movements and intellectual trends accompanying them, their pioneers and their most famous works, in addition to design theories. 

K4 Classify the different materials and techniques used in the graphic design industry as a basis for selecting the techniques used to illustrate and present the different styles and types of digital design. 

K5 Reproduce their writing and verbal competencies which commonly used in the description and analysis of visual art and graphic design, These includes research, writing, 


S1 Analyze visual concepts to understand communication problems in light of principles of visual organization, information hierarchy, symbolic representation, typography, and aesthetics, to construct meaningful original forms. 

S2 Develop professional quality design concepts and layouts using various design techniques and applies his creativity to communicate ideas relevant to the field in both digital and print media.

S3 Solve communication problems during the development of projects between the construction and production phases.  

S4 Applying skills of problem identification, research, information gathering, analysis, generating alternative solutions, prototypes, user testing and results evaluation. 

S5 Evaluate for solving communication problems, using digital technology in research, information gathering and analysis, to find alternative solutions, and user testing, to evaluate results. 


V1 Initiates Using critical thinking, research methodology, and design practice to modify a welldeveloped defendable body of design work, demonstrating advanced capabilities with technologies, documentation, and presentation of a professional design portfolio. 

V2 Commitment to proficiency in presentation and business skills needed to engage in professional practice in graphic design including the ability to organize and manage design projects to collaborate effectively with a team.

V3 Contribute to fundamental business practices and business ethics related to the graphic arts, to work on organizing design projects and to work effectively as a designer with clients and team in implementing and evaluating projects.

V4 Endure Responsible for participating confidently in the design and professional management of graphic design projects in a collaborative work environment.