Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour

The careful planning of DAU’s campus was guided by the four principles of Quality Facilities, Ease of Communication, Respect for Privacy and Aesthetic Beauty.



Among our State-of-the-art facilities, all designed to enhance the learning experience, are


  • 100 classrooms equipped to the highest standards in learning technology
  • 1,600 square-metre general library & a specialized library in each of the four colleges
  • Five seminar halls with a total area of 1500 sq m
  • Seven language labs & seven computer labs, each with a capacity of 18
  • Medical clinic with ambulance
  • Extensive sports facilities, swimming pool and 3 gymnasiums
  • Integrated cultural centre & exhibition hall
  • Restaurants, mosque, extensive parking etc




The whole campus has a comprehensive audio/video network plus wireless internet access.




In keeping with Saudi social values and legal requirements, while honouring our commitment to equal educational access, our distinct female and male campuses are symmetrical in design and are designed to respect the privacy of our female students.


Our ultra-modern buildings make the best possible use of space and natural lighting, to create a harmonious environment conducive to work and study.