Frequently Asked Questions
Why choose Dar Al Uloom University?

Dar Al Uloom University meets the needs of students, parents and the community as a whole.  DAU is distinguished by the following features:

  • New accredited degree programmes best suited to students’ future careers
  • A study environment that is comfortable for students and which gives parents peace of mind
  • Competent faculty members selected from a large international pool
  • The use of technology to support teaching and learning in all educational programmes
  • A high-quality college environment that blends theory and practice with enjoyment.  For instance, students will partake in co-op and summer programmes that are rich in practical training, novel activities…………and fun!

Is Dar Al Uloom University accredited?

Yes, it is accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education. Visit the Ministry website at http://www.mohe.gov.sa for accreditation details.

Are there career counselling services available?Yes there are, and much more!

Firstly, we take academic advising seriously from admission through to graduation, and even until students start their careers.

Secondly, we have a Career Counselling Office that liaises between DAU and local private- and public-sector employers.

Finally, our degree programmes have both co-op and summer training, so that students are introduced to real-world work conditions well before graduation.  Students are allowed to take part in these sessions if the following conditions are met:

  • They have completed a certain number of credits with a GPA of 2.0 or above
  • They are closely supervised by their academic advisor throughout co-op or summer training

How do DAU graduates compare with their counterparts from other Saudi universities?

To design our programmes, we first looked at the best practices of successful Saudi institutions, such as KFUPM. Taking their experience into consideration, as well as international trends, we enhanced our own 21st century programmes with the latest and most relevant technology. The result is an educational system that is student-centred and technology-oriented.  Compared to their counterparts elsewhere, we expect DAU graduates to have not only greater, wider knowledge but also in-depth understanding of technological applications.

Who designed the degree programmes for DAU?

We consulted the best universities in the Kingdom, e.g. KFUPM, and abroad for advice on cutting-edge programme design.

I am an employee, can I enroll in DAU?

Yes, you can, either in the morning programmes or the evening programmes depending on your working hours.  Morning courses run from 8:00am to 3pm except Thursdays, when they finish at 2:00pm.  Evening courses run from 5pm to 10pm.

Is there a distance-learning programmes at DAU?

Although DAU uses e-learning technology to enhance the teaching and learning experience for both students and faculty, we do not offer degrees based on distance-learning or e-learning.

What study programmes are offered at DAU?

  • The College of Law offers a programme leading to a bachelor’s degree in Law, master in criminal law and master commercial law.
  • The College of Computer Engineering and Information Technology offers three programmes leading to a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, and Information Technology
  • The College of Education and Human Development offers four programmes leading to a bachelor’s degree in Learning Difficulties, Early Childhood Education, Teaching of English Language and Teaching of Computer Science
  • The College of Business Administration offers four programmes leading to a bachelor’s degree: Finance & Banking, Accounts & Auditing, Marketing Management and Human Resources Management.
  • The College of Architectural Engineering and Digital Design offers three educational programmes leading to a bachelor’s degree in Architecture, Interior Design and Graphic Design.

What are the admission requirements?

Dar Al Uloom University accepts both male and female students, subject to their satisfying the following basic requirements:

  • They must have a Certificate of Secondary Education, or its equivalent, from inside or outside the Kingdom
  • They must be of good conduct
  • They must be medically fit
  • They must obtain their employer’s approval, if employed

How much are the fees per semester?
Look at the Tuition page under the Education menu in our website.

How long is the period of study?

Our degree programmes are normally of 4 years duration except architecture its 5 years duration, for master degree its two years as a minimum.

When will admissions open and what documents are required?

Admissions are already open and will continue until October. Click here to apply online. The required documents are:

  • Certified copy of high school diploma
  • Certificate of good-conduct from your high school
  • Certificate of General Merit Test from the Ministry of Higher Education.
  • A pass in the DAU admission test
  • A copy of your national ID card, passport or Iqama
  • Four passport-sized photos
  • Admission fees (non-refundable)

When will course registration start?

This has already started and will continue until the first week of semester.  Click here to register online.  Contact us for your username and password, if you don’t already have these.

My English is not very good, but I want to master it. How can you help?

You will graduate from DAU with fluent English. The university preparatory programme is delivered by English native-speakers.

Who are your faculty members?
International PhD holders from prominent institutions.

Do you have a place for prayers, as well as facilities for cultural, sports and recreation activities?

Yes, of course. There is a large mosque as well as state-of-the-art, multipurpose facilities for activities of all kinds. Click here for details.

Do you have parking areas?
Yes, we have space for 1,500 vehicles, both indoors and outside.

Do you offer transportation?

We do not offer regular transportation for the moment; however, we can provide transport on request.

What technology do you use and what kind of internet connection is available?

Our campus is fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology.  We use learning-management systems and have a digital library, available through high-speed networks.  All these services are available to students free of charge.

Can I be exempted from the preparatory year?

In certain cases, at the discretion of the Academic Committee, students can be exempted from the preparatory year.  The Committee requires the student to undergo a personal interview as well as a written test before it can consider an exemption request.

Can I transfer credits to DAU?

Yes, you can, if you already have a degree from an accredited institution. Please submit your transcripts along with your other admission documents. The Academic Committee will evaluate your transcript and exempt courses as per the following guidelines:

  • Course contents must match by at least 70%
  • Languages of instruction must be the same
  • Credit hours must be the same or better
  • Attained grades must be “C” or better
  • Total credit excepted cannot exceed one-third of the overall required credits for graduation
  • When applying for a programme requiring a prep year, the student should pass the placement test or, otherwise, take the prep year

Which streams in high school diplomas are acceptable for DAU admission?

All streams or specialities in high school certificates, or their equivalent, from inside or outside the Kingdom are acceptable.

Is attendance a must?

Yes, students must attend classes.