Goals and values

Goals and values


  • Users of the library considered to be the center of attention.
  • Commitment to quality standards in the information services provision to the university’s employees.
  • Commitment of the copyright and intellectual property.
  • Fairly treating to all the users without any exception.
  • Respect the confidentiality and privacy in dealing with library users.
  • Providing permanent environment to keep innovating ,creativity and development.
  • Periodic communication with library users and their participation in the development of services and information sources.
  • Commitment to the institutional system of the University and contribute to building a knowledge society.


Supporting the educational process and scientific research in the university of by the provision of advanced information services.

  • Applied the international quality standards for libraries to develop the university libraries and sources of the information.
  • Permanent seek to activating the scientific exchanging agreements and training with central libraries in universities and centers of local and global information.
  • Develop the belongings in all objective majors in a balanced manner.
  • Organize the sources of information, according to the recent technologies and international standards.
  • The continued development of specialist libraries and information.