about Learning Resource Center

about Learning Resource Center

The Learning Resource Center (LRC) is where technical and educational materials – both electronic and paper – can be found for individual and group learning, to include reading, viewing and conversation.  The LRC is the place where students are encouraged to use and develop all of their senses while studying under the supervision of specialists and trainers.

The objectives of the LRC include:

Follow all regulations and directives related to LRC

Reaffirm the student’s role in the educational process

Continually update educational aids

Contribute to improving the teaching-and-learning process through modern technology

Promote scientific research

Facilitate the use of self-learning skills

Devote appropriate space to the use of modern technology

Provide as many services as possible to help students

Initiate special-interest groups in accordance with academic programs, in addition to scientific research

Preserve intellectual property and copyrights in accordance with the laws of Saudi Arabia and elsewhere

Apply security and safety rules according to the international standards relating to LRCs

Prepare, maintain and update catalogues for all types of learning resources available in the center

Develop written policies and regulations, to apply to all users of LRC services

Prepare annual inventory records

Prepare the LRC’s annual monitoring reports

Provide a reference service for the center’s visitors, giving contemporary information on learning resources available

Develop a written policy for the exclusion of updated material

Prepare competitions, together with cultural and scientific programs, in cooperation with and for the benefit of faculty members and students

Foster LRC teamwork and facilitate scientific research among our members