Deanship of Graduate Studies and Research

Deanship of Graduate Studies and Research


Given the importance of education and scientific research in the developmental process at various levels, since its establishment in 1432AH, the Deanship of Graduate Studies & Research at DAU has been assigned the task of creating the appropriate academic environment for postgraduate students at the MA level. The Deanship has also been tasked with following-up and supporting research to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the university’s academic output so as to elevate the status of the university and contribute effectively to nation building and the achievement of the kingdom’s future vision. The Deanship of Graduate Studies and Research seeks to ensure the quality of research in postgraduate study programs at the various colleges of Dar Al Uloom University through receiving periodic reports on submitted research, and evaluating and funding these research projects.

The Deanship also seeks to expand its activities by building partnerships with local and international academic and research entities in order to develop the research skills of faculty at DAU, and transfer these skills to graduate students by engaging them in the research process and motivating them to publish research and participate in local and international periodicals and conferences, which would contribute to improving their quality and increase their effectiveness in community development

The Deanship of Graduate Studies & Research has the following responsibilities:

1- funding research projects submitted by researchers from within the university.

2- supervising postgraduate studies in the following programs:

– Master in Business Administration

– Master in Management Information Systems

– Master in Public Law

– Master in Private Law

3- Proposing or amending general policies for graduate programs.

4- Setting postgraduate admission requirements, overseeing and implementing them.

5- Proposing internal rules and regulations for research and post graduate studies.

6- Approving the formation of committees for thesis supervision, evaluation, discussion and registration.

7- Preparing strategic plans for carrying out research, and means of supporting and financing research projects.