Student council

     A consultative entity aimed at enriching the involvement of COB students  in decision-making processes through exploring students’ views on curricular and extra-curricular activities, services offered, and facilities available, so as to contribute to the development of the educational process and raise students’ satisfaction.

Members of the student council:

  1. Abdulrahman Alshimai: COB Vice Dean and Council Chairman.
  2. Manal AlHomoud: COB Supervisor of Female Section and Council Secretary.
  3. Saad Shabib Daghiman Alharbi: MBA Student.
  4. Modi Fadha Alsubaie: MBA Student.
  5. Ahmed Abdulaziz Almousa: ACCT Student.
  6. Sara Suwailem Alsalman: ACCT Student.
  7. Meshal Abdulrahman Bim Qadhib: HRM Student.
  8. Sarah Khalid Ali Alghuraibi: HRM Student.
  9. Meshari Khaled Alhamad: FIN Student.
  10. Abeer Fahad Abdulwahed: FIN Student.
  11. Toleen Mohammed Aldowais: MKT Student.
  12. Rawah Abdullah Muaygil: MKT Student.