About Marketing Department

       As business becoming increasingly more competitive, marketing function has become more valuable than ever. Marketing concerns with understanding consumer needs, then converting those needs into products and services that suit the consumers. Therefore, success in marketing demand analytical skills, intuition, logic, and creativity, which make it a dynamic field with many challenging opportunities for graduates. The Department provides high quality educational programs, applied research, service to community and supporting programmatic needs of the college and the university. The Marketing Program (MKT) offered through the Department of Marketing is designed to provide students with broad theoretical knowledge of selling, retailing, advertising, e-business, marketing mix, event marketing, market research, sport marketing, distribution and logistics, and purchasing. Students are also equipped with valuable skills of critical thinking, problem-solving, effective communication and teamwork in addition to knowledge of finance necessary to perform effectively in a variety of careers in the marketing professions.

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       In line with our commitment at the Department of Marketing to creating an effective learning environment we have adopted state-of-the-art learning platforms of Cengage and McGraw Hill for digital learning. These integrated course management system platforms provide unique learning experience through an interactive diagnostic study tool, an interactive media-enhanced eBook, student activities manual, and videos. Key features include deep integration, easy-to-use interface, anytime anywhere access, security and privacy. The highly qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty team are focused on delivering the best educational experience to students. Finance and Banking graduates leaving the program are trained on the rigors of marketing, are technologically savvy, competent communicators and are aware of the evolving business challenges.