Digital Library

Digital Library

DAU Digital Library

The intended digital library of DAU (referred to as dl-DAU) will provide access to the world’s recorded knowledge. dl-DAU is not really a “digitized library”; rather, it is an organized and focused collection of digital media, including text, video and audio, along with methods for the access, retrieval, selection, organization and maintenance of the collection.

As part of the DAU strategic plan, comprehensive digital library facilities including international digital content subscriptions, will be made available, in addition to locally-produced information collections. For example, teachers prepare educational materials that address specific community needs, and they adapt published material to include local examples. Getting trainee teachers to produce their own content is one of the most effective ways to exploit information technology in learning situations. Not only does it improve the learning experience, it also creates material that benefits the community.

A long term objective of dl-DAU is to develop the ability to create information collections, rather than the collections themselves. This will allow DAU to participate actively in the global information society, as opposed to merely observing it from the outside. Among the other potential benefits of the dl-DAU model are:

Development of a dynamic atmosphere for learning and research

Proviision of better support for students’ learning experience

Availability of new tools for researchers to assist in resource discovery

Better utilization, sharing and preservation of rare resources

Promotion of the library’s role in developing an integrated and multifunctional service environment which supports lifelong learning for all students and faculty members

Support for librarians and information managers in their evolving roles

The proposed dl-DAU will significantly impact upon the quality of education as well as improve the potential for faculty members and students for continuing education and scientific research. This will be achieved by overcoming many of the obstacles encountered in the traditional, paper-based collections through the following means:

Off-campus availability: dl-DAU can be accessed irrespective of physical boundaries imposed by place and time

Storage and expansion: dl-DAU will maintain an enormous amount of information regardless of physical space considerations, in addition to allowing for continued automated library expansion

Enrichment: The use of multimedia is made possible with digital information, as well as the introduction of new forms of information such as wikis and blogs

Flexibility: Through structured indexing, dl-DAU users will be able to access information in a variety of different ways, and to search categories in addition to cross-referencing

Sharing and simultaneous access: Multiple users can simultaneously access and share the same information resource