Dr. Abdul-Raouf radah Ali

د. عبدالرووف ردة علي

Position : Faculty Member
Email : abdulraouf@dau.edu.sa
Phone : 011-4949274
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Summary of his biography :

I obtained my PhD from School of Tropical Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, the University of Liverpool, UK in 2005 in the field of medical microbiology and parasitology. I have inters in the following area of research:
• Drugs resistance in microorganism such as bacteria, fungi and parasites especially protozoa.
• Drugs discovery, targeting and validation in bacteria, fungi and parasites especially protozoa.
• Understanding the chemical, molecular and cellular basis of drug action and drug resistance in bacteria and tropical pathogens especially malaria.
• Searching for natural bacteriocins produced by probiotics as a new promising approach for looking for new antimicrobial agents.
• Applications of proteomics in medicine and diseases.

Title Date Major Organization
MSc2001ScienceUniversity of Liverpool
PhD2005Medical ParasitologyUniversity of Liverpool
Title Organization Date From Date To
• Assistant professor at microbiology unitFaculty of medicine, Dar Al Uloom University
Title Publish Date Journal
Antimicrobial activity of Entrococcus faecium NM2, Isolated from Urine: Purification, Characterization and Bacterial Action of Enterocin NM2Asian Journal of Applied Sciences
Partial Purification of two Novel Variants of Bacteriocins Produced by Lactic Acid Bacteria05-04-2014Global Veterinaria
Evalution of the use of Enterococcus Faeciva NM2 as a probiotic for inhibition of some urogential pathogens02-04-2015Journal of food, Agriculture & Environment
Biological characteristics and inhibition by both natural agents and antibiotics of Streptococcus pyogenes.05-07-2016Research Journal of Medical sciences
Title From To Note
Head of the UPP program for the health line colleges, Dra Al Uloom University02-05-2016
Head of microbiology unit at college of medicine, Dar Al Uloom University07-09-201510-10-2016