Architecture Engineering and Digital Design


Academic Program Curriculum 

College: CADD

Degree: Undergraduate

Program Head: Joanna Feidi

Major: Interior Design

No. of Semesters: 8

Total Credit Hours: 135

Version No. 2 (Jan – 2018)

Gender: (Female)


Program Mission

The Interior Design program at DAU aims to prepare graduates toward becoming creative interior designers with strong communication skills, active team players, creative problem solvers, and prepared to make a positive impact in the practice of interior design regionally and globally through multidimensional practice opportunities in interior design in the digital age. The graduates of the interior design program will contribute to community and economic development of Saudi Arabia.

Program Introduction

The Education of the Professional Interior Designer aims for the highest level of creativity and the highest level of skill in designing for our increasing complex and technological society. As the field of Interior Design becomes an increasingly regulated profession, education and practice will continue to emphasize a solid expertise in designing for people, their environments, and better quality of life for all. This curriculum of Interior Design program has been designed to be academically strong and meet the international standards of interior design education. The curriculum provides flexible electives to allow the student to pursue either breadth or depth in specific design aspects of during the course of his/her study, depending on interest and future career or plans.


Program Learning Outcomes

Teaching Strategies

Assessment Methods




Recognize various design styles and trends within historical context.

Lectures, comparisons, Class discussions

Quizzes, exams, case study analysis, comparison assignments


Recognize the terminology associated with Interior Design and its allied field

Lectures, reading articles

Oral presentations, reports


Specify all components related to the design (materials, lighting, details, contracts, budget etc)

Lectures, demonstrations, samples of  previous work, experiments

Experiment reports, projects, exams,


Cognitive Skills


Design projects that satisfy aesthetic as well as functional requirements

Projects, lectures, collaboration between theoretical and practical courses through common lectures

Juries, project submission Pinup presentations, common assignments between different courses


Demonstrate the ability to apply theories of human and social behavioral norms that are culture specific in design.

Lectures, case study analysis, field trips,

Projects, exams, rubrics


Apply design strategies that adheres to sustainable practices and international codes (health and safety codes, accessibility, and welfare).

Lectures, research

Projects, presentations, research, rubrics


Translate research data into complete design proposals (correct technical drawings, specifications, presentations etc)

Lectures, one-to one follow up by instructor.

Research, projects, rubrics


Interpersonal Skills & Responsibility


Demonstrate the ability to complete given tasks and projects successfully within the time assigned by their instructor.

Specifying deadlines for submissions, uploading on LMS

Assessing submissions on time and on LMS


Work independently and be responsible in their own learning process.

Individual work, generating incentives to encourage students to work independently

Midterm exams in studios and practical courses, Class observation, rubrics


Demonstrate the ability to work effectively in a team and in ,accordance to professional ethics.

Group work, group presentation,

Group ,presentation.


Communication, Information Technology, Numerical


Deliver a  presentation to clients both orally and graphically

Workshops on presentation methods, graphically and orally, periodic class presentations

Peer assessment, juries, final project boards, oral presentation




Produce Technical drafting and free hand drawings in accordance with professional standards.

Lectures, workshops, class demonstrations

Sketches, drafting exercises, projects


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