Vision, mission and goals

Vision, mission and goals


  • To support students at the Dar al-Uloom University with a leading center of excellence with national level to provide support services to students, management and development.



  • To provide integrated support services to students at Dar al-Uloom University in order to deliver distinguished and competitive students in learning, thinking, personal skills and interpersonal skills with the community.



  • developing various academic skills for our students like critical and creative thinking, dealing with different pressures, positive personal development of the student
  • study the reasons for delinquency in school, and to instruct delinquent students to overcome the obstacles in their coursework in order to prevent academic failure, thus dropping out of university.
  • careful attention to students who are talented and gifted in order to support and enhance their potential.
  • Provide psychological, social, and academic counselling to students at Dar al-Uloom University.
  • provide academic consulting, and support for statistical research projects for students, both in undergraduate or graduate studies.
  • to determine students’ inclinations, aptitudes, and professional capabilities.
  • the exchange of academic and social experiences related to university life, and by providing easier for new students enroll in programs relating to university life easily and conveniently.
  • to facilitate cultural and academic exchange between Dar al-Uloom University students and their counterparts from other universities.