Why the Student Support Center?

Why the Student Support Center?

Why the Student Support Center? :

There are a number of factors that show just how urgent the need to provide specialized support to the students at Dar al-Uloom University, which includes the following:

  1. There has been an increase in the number of students at Dar al-Uloom University. The diversity of our students’ academic specializations obligates us to support them in their ambitions and their preferences and desires.
  2. The presence of diverse educational, social , psychological, and professional issues faced by students at Dar al-Uloom University that may be difficult for the colleges to handle well.
  3. The occurrence of rapid changes in the labor and skills needed to keep pace with technology. This requires colleges to develop advanced programs to keep students competitive.
  4. The urgent need to hone the skills of faculty members to deal with student problems.
  5. Students seeking advising and counseling services in academic, psychological, social, and professional fields, stemming from their quest to seek assistance from specialized personnel.
  6. The growing interest of faculty members of Dar al-Uloom University to provide proper academic, psychological, social, professional care to its student body.



Female Campus Office / CG05 ground floor

Male Campus Office / B124 first floor