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Dr. Amor Alhadi Ayed

Accounting Department Chair


 Dear visitor, we are pleased to welcome you to the website of the Accounting Department at Dar Al Uloom University.
 Accounting – as a science and a profession – has great importance in society. It is used to describe all business activities and prepare financial reports that allow users to make sound decisions. Its importance have increased tremendously with the development of ICT and globalization of the economy.
 The Accounting Department is one of the basic scientific departments within the structure of the College of Business Administration at Dar Al Uloom University. It provides an integrated curriculum that is implemented through a four-year study plan comprising various interrelated courses in a stimulating educational environment in terms of classrooms, laboratories and references. The aim is to prepare qualified competencies to work in the fields of accounting, auditing and accounting information systems, able to success in international professional exams, adapt to changes in the business environment and are committed to the ethics of the profession. In addition, the department seeks to review and develop programs, methods, and work to raise the quality of learning outcomes in line with scientific developments and requirements of the profession.
The department also encourage scientific research by supporting faculty members to attend scientific conferences and seminars and to carry out studies on accounting allowing the advancement of knowledge in this field with a focus on applied research that provides solutions to practical problems. It also looks forward to providing distinguished services to society and establishing effective partnerships with various economic institutions, organizations and bodies.
The Accounting Department will continue its efforts to have an effective role in contributing to the development of the accounting profession in line with Saudi Vision 2030.
Head of Accounting Department
Dr. Amor Ayed