About Department

About Department

The University Preparatory Program comprises three academic programs:

 1. Department of English.

2. Department of Humanities

3. Department of Scientific Studies.

The University Preparatory Program (UPP) offers a three-level, integrative, interdisciplinary course with the aim of helping students acquire basic skills necessary to pursue their college level study. The thirty-five-credit program includes courses in the disciplines of English language skills, Arabic language, Islamic studies, computer and learning & thinking skills. The program ensures both breadth and depth while encouraging majors from across disciplines to interact, thus fostering students’ innovation, leadership and self-development.


Dar Al Uloom University is committed through its curriculum, campus culture and environment to helping students develop the knowledge and skills that allow them to successfully meet the challenges of everyday life. DAU is distinguished by its international benchmark University Preparatory Program (UPP) which aims to complement, enhance and broaden learning in all fields of study. The UPP is developed in alignment with our university objectives, which clearly state the importance of empowering students with knowledge, practical life-skills and religious and multicultural values. Moreover, what distinguishes the UPP courses is that they feature an integrative, interdisciplinary aspect which ensures both breadth and depth while encouraging majors from across disciplines to interact.  The UPP includes 35 credit hours in the disciplines of physical education, English communications skills, Arabic language, Islamic studies, computers and basic skills, and mathematics. Each of these courses is considered an integral component of every bachelor’s degree offered at DAU.