Dean’s Letter

Dean’s Letter

Dr. Mansour Abdulaziz Ibrahim Al-Jadeed

CADD's Dean

We welcome to our website, here at the College of Architectural Engineering and Digital Design (CADD). Since its foundation in 2008, CADD has grown to be one of the unique schools of Architecture and Design, both nationally and regionally. Diligent efforts, in-line with the vision of Dar Al Uloom University, are put forth to develop and transform CADD programs to an international level.

In continuation to the University’s support to help the College enhance its academic standings, the development of College programs targets quality study plans and curricula in accordance with national and top international academic accreditation. Special care is given to the extracurricular activities to enrich the educational environment of male and female students in common. Distinctive professionals in the practical and academic fields are invited to for public lecturing, workshops and exhibitions. Community engagement with students of diverse skills is methodically planned and implemented. Connecting with stakeholders in the process to has been given a priority to lead sustainable development and meet the market demands.

CADD students and faculty members are excited about the major space expansion to be launched next spring. The new extension of nearly 10,000 square meters for male and female with its magnificent design will offer state-of-the-art facilities of open studios, labs, auditorium, galleries and faculty offices. All spaces are interconnected with courtyard environment to stimulate creativity and innovative thinking, while fostering social interaction amongst students and fellow scholars. Additionally, it will manage to accommodate the increasing number of student enrollment with all the premises required in the future.

An overview of the College’s development over a quite short span of time, its strategic foundations, academic and administrative systems and working values, all promises and renewed status. Lastly, We hope you enjoy surfing our website with easy access to all inquiries and public information, while suggestions are always welcomed.