Goals & values

  • Apply creative and problem-solving approaches to the design of interiors to effect positive change in the health, welfare and quality of life for people in home, work and leisure environments.
  • Develop a good conceptual grasp of the formal aspects and digital technologies of graphic design in order to optimize the processes of elaboration, presentation and documentation.
  • Embrace building technology and digital technology as resources and tools for innovation, allowing the exploration of complex architectural solutions to be envisioned as an expression of design excellence.
  • Embrace technology and digital media as a resource and tool for innovation, allowing the exploration of complex interior solutions
  • Integrate a historical perspective into the planning of future environments for diverse populations to take into account tradition, value, culture and heritage.
  • Embark on a professional architecture career in private practice and/or the construction industry and assume a leadership role.
  • Produce innovative graphic design projects in the publishing, advertising, commercial and business field.
  • Solve design and project-related problems creatively based on sound architectural principles and utilization of digital media.