Dean’s Word

Dean’s Word

Prof. Fahed Alabod

Dean of Graduate Studies and Researches

The University of Dar Al Uloom seeks to achieve its scientific mission through several axes (Points), the most important of which are postgraduate studies and scientific research. They are an integral part of the research. Following -up the academic performance of students, ensuring the implementation of the regulations, regulations adopted in this area, as well as contributing  to the preparation of an educational environment to help research, innovation and creativity and the graduation of scientific and practical leaders serving the nation.

Scientific research is the main tool to address the problems of society and serve different aspects of development in all scientific and practical fields alike and the following requirements of the labor market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and in line with the Kingdom vision 2030.

It is therefore important to encourage research projects at the university, to assist faculty members, encouraging them to attend scientific conferences in their fields of specialization and to publish their publications through the financial support that will be provided by the university for this purpose.

We ask Allah the Almighty to meet together in the service of the homeland and the citizen through the Deanship of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research programs and activities aimed at improving the educational and research process in all its aspects.

Allah grants and bless ,,,

Prof. Fahd Bin Nasser Al – Aboud